Every week we bring you reviews of movies, recorded immediately after an advance screening. No critical distance, no pretension. Just our thoughts, before we even get home.


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YCHTT #195 — Retro Episode: Back to the Future

Great Scott! In honor of Row House Cinema’s third anniversary, Sean and Aaron head to the Lawrenceville theater for a screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE. Will they call it …

YCHTT #194 — 47 Meters Down

Huh? What movie? Look, this is an opportunity for Sean, Aaron and guest Grown Dad Jason Clark (@jmclark8) to make fun of a bad shark movie. Who doesn’t love bad …

YCHTT #193 — The Mummy

Aaron and Sean split up for competing solo journeys! Aaron is the first to tangle with THE MUMMY, the classic monster reboot starring Tom Cruise. Then ? two days later …

YCHTT #192 — Wonder Woman

You Can’t Handle the Lasso of Truth! Sean is joined by comedy trio Frankly Scarlett ? past guests Abby Fudor (@abbyfewdoor), Robin Hitchcock (@hitchdied) and Liz Labacz (@lizlabz) to preview …

YCHTT #191 — Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Wait, there’s another one of these movies? Really? Hunh. Okay then. YCHTT deals with Captain Jack Sparrow and friends for the first time, as returning guests Renee Rabenold (@eener22091) and …

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