Every week we bring you reviews of movies, recorded immediately after an advance screening. No critical distance, no pretension. Just our thoughts, before we even get home.


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YCHTT #201 — Annabelle: Creation

Aaron and Sean loved the Conjuring and … tolerated Annabelle and The Conjuring 2. Has the well run dry with ANNABELLE: CREATION? Creepy dolls aplenty! Plus, Shannon Norman (@shambonez) joins …

YCHTT #200 — The Best Year in Film History

To mark the 200th episode of You Can’t Handle the Truth ? yes, really, we’ve done 200! ? Sean and Aaron put out the film-nerd Batsignal and recruited movie experts …

YCHTT #199 — Dunkirk

It’s been three years since Sean and Aaron reviewed a Christopher Nolan flick; on that night, they walked out of the theater calling Interstellar one of the best movies ever …

YCHTT #198 — War for the Planet of the Apes

Okay, so this one is a little weird. Here’s the thing: Sean and Aaron saw W4TPOTA (bad acronym, that) weeks ago and had a reaction. That reaction is captured here. …

YCHTT #197 — Spider-Man: Homecoming

Your friendly, neighborhood movie guys take you to a screening of Michael Keaton: Resurgence. Sorry, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Will the first official Marvel Cinematic Universe rendering of the web-slinging teen surpass …

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