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Hear This Podcast – Brian Conway

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Brian Conway is the music editor for Next Pittsburgh. He’s also the curator of a monthly concert guide that does a great job at highlighting some of the best and under appreciated live music events that happen nightly all over Pittsburgh. Brian has covered and reported on Ghost live at Stage AE and the Gotobeds and Protomartyr at gooskis.

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Sound Opinions is an NPR podcast

For this issue of Hear This Podcast, Brian tells us all about Sound Opinions. A music review podcast. Brian highlights Episode #540 – Eleventh Dream Day & Opinions on mp3.

You should hear this podcast called Sound Opinions. Sound Opinions is a radio show/podcast based out of Chicago and co-hosted by music critics and journalists Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis. With guests like Alice Cooper, Ernie Isley, and Sleater-Kinney, there is enough sonic diversity to please even the pickiest of music fans.

Except for the occasional special episode (best albums of the year, etc.), each week’s podcast follows the same template: music news, interview/performance, and album reviews. This week, the pair begin with a discussion of LCD Soundsytem’s reunion and recent NY Times editorial critical of the sameness of most big music festivals.

After the news, the pair lead into the meat of the episode: an interview and in-studio performance with alt-rock band Eleventh Dream Day. Who?

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Eleventh Dream Day band.

The Chicago alt-rockers signed to Atlantic Records in 1988 but failed to breakout like their contemporaries, Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins. The band remains cult favorites to this day and continue to release new music; check out their new album, Works for Tomorrow, if you’re a fan of the noisy guitar-rock of Sonic Youth or Neil Young.

The show wraps up with a review of the new album by French electronic band, M83. Kot and DeRogatis rate albums on a “Buy it,” “Try it,” or “Trash it” scale. I won’t give away their final verdict, but let’s say that the album’s title, Junk, speaks for itself.

Music, review, interview, live performance, npr, podcast

Listen to Sound Opinions Episode #540 – Eleventh Dream Day & Opinions on mp3 below.