Your host, Josh Trent, digital health coach and wellness technology expert, interviews global leaders in the areas of behavior change, health, wellness technology and fitness, to empower you with the knowledge and tools on how to take the best action in transforming your mindset, your body, and ultimately your life!.


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Wellness Force Radio #123 – Aubrey Marcus: Own The Day

With the volume of noise in our modern world that distracts and arouses the egoic mind, how do we awaken more consciousness so we can discover our deeper purpose? We …

Wellness Force Radio #122 – Ronnie Landis: The Truth About Nutrients

With increasing access to a variety of foods and styles of eating, how can we make sure we receive the majority of nutrients our bodies need to thrive? —> JOIN THE FACEBOOK …

Wellness Force Radio #121 – Dr. David Minkoff: Creating Sustainable Health In A Toxic World

It’s no secret that the current condition of our toxic world makes it challenging to build sustainable health and avoid disease. This is also largely due to the fact that …

Wellness Force Radio #120 – Amy Burger: The Alzheimer’s Antidote

So our brains and guts have an incredibly powerful connection. So powerful in fact that with the right nutrition, we can use foods to heal our brain, and to energize, and invigorate our …

Wellness Force Radio #119 – Dr. Michael Ruscio: The Orthorexia Connection

Have you noticed that an over-obsession with health research and chasing the symptom rabbit down all the black holes online can create an unhealthy lifestyle? There is a term for an obsession with excessive elimination …

Wellness Force Radio #118 – Mike Bundrant: A Fresh Perspective On Self-Sabotage

Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss self-sabotage, and how to bring our destructive subconscious patterns into awareness. Why do we sometimes act against our own best interests …

Wellness Force Radio #117 – The Future of Wellness Technology: IntelliSkin, Halo Neuroscience, & Heal

For episode 117 we’re learning from the best of the best companies that intersect at the future of health and wellness technology. This is a topic we’ve explored over the past 100+ shows on Wellness Force …

Wellness Force Radio #116 – Mo Gawdat: How To Engineer Your Path To Joy

Discovering Inner Joy: Regardless of where we are in life, happiness is possible.  Whether we’re struggling with negative thoughts, an unsatisfying job, or believing we’re not enough, this episode is a powerful reminder …

Wellness Force Radio #115 – Jeff Sanders: The Power of Saying No

There’s more to time management than meets the eye. In fact, productivity and good time management are key to unlocking greater health and wellness. When we have our energy, focus, and clear …

114 Liana Werner-Gray: Healing From Food Addiction With The Earth Diet

Get ready for an incredible podcast as we discuss openly about food addiction and how to use natural foods to create a life where you no longer have to be …

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