Solocast: This Too Shall Pass

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What is your identity when it comes to wellness? Do you have a subconscious identity that letting go of old weight is something that other people do? 

In this solocast today with Host, Josh Trent, we explore how to change your life by starting your day with a 21 minute ritual, what injury can do to the mind, and how to ask yourself the right questions when it comes to changing you behaviors to live life well. 

Get The Morning 21: A system designed to give you more energy, let go of old weight, and live life well.

Resources Mentioned Today: 

  1. Wellness Force Radio Episode 194 Rob Dial 
  2. Wellness Force Radio Episode 131 Drew Manning
  3. Wellness Force Radio Episode 183 Dr. Kyra Bobinet 
  4. Wellness Force radio Episode 001 Fabio Comana

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