Ready Player One Movie Review with Marta On The Move Podcast and Dinky Dana

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#108 Ready Player One Book to Movie Review

I couldn’t wait to release this one. Ready Player One is on of my all time favorite guilty pleasure books. I do not normally prefer audiobook over the feeling of holding a book in your hands, but I prefer the audiobook version of this read by Wil Wheaton. It is perfect in every way possible.

When Ernest Cline wrote Ready Player One, he sold the rights to Warner Brothers before the book was even published, so we all knew a movie would one day pop up. We got lucky and Steven Spielburg gained interest in it. That is every writers dream isn’t it? Spielburg wants to direct my movie. We all thought it would be a perfect homage to the well loved book.

Listen, I am not gonna spoil it for you, I will let our panel do that instead. There is too much to write here, and we vocalize it best. Good friend Brad Driscoll, co-founder, developer, and digital marketer of Think Big SEO has an alter ego online as Dinky Dana. Dinky Dana has an online presence as a Twitch gamer. If you read the book, you know this is a perfect match for a conversation about Ready Player One. Brad and myself got asked to sit on a panel at the Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention, and give our opinions on the movie as it compares to the book.

Is it pretty? Probably not,to be honest. Will you enjoy it? I think so. At the very least you will take away what we deem to be the most important thing about doing that panel- engaging more people to read this book 🙂 If you tune in, thanks for allowing us to rant and rave, and thank you to everyone who came to hear our thoughts. Let’s go find that egg.

Fun news! Marta On The Move got nominated at 2018 Creator of the Year award by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. How cool is that? Check it out here



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