Quarentimes #7 – Anthony “Sizzle” Perry |Crafted Culture Brewing Company

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The Drinking Partners, especially Ed, excitedly welcome Anthony “Sizzle” Perry, the founder of Crafted Culture Brewing Company in Columbus, Ohio. This interview sets itself apart from the opening segment as Sizzle explains how he “accidentally” fell into brewing after a stint as a fill-in bartender, which led to various jobs across the brewing industry, including as a delivery man. Or, as Ed suggests. Mr. Perry is, “The Drinking Partners meets Will Smith in the Pursuit of Happiness.” But Sizzle had a marketing strategy of his own: “If you want to gain yards in this game, go where they ain’t.” He presented his idea to the COO of the company where he worked as the top salesman, yet his proposal was brushed off as nonsensical. From there, he decided to pursue brewing on his own, starting first as a home brewer. With creativity and a focus on bringing soul into brewing, Mr. Perry paired up with a lifetime friend and a professional brewer and opened Crafted Culture, Central Ohio’s first Black-owned brewery. Along with the brewery, Mr. Perry wants to focus on #beerthechange, a budding nonprofit that he hopes will help give back to diverse communities. Give this interview a full listen and enjoy the witty banter and deep business insights that have Ed feeling envious. Find more about Crafted Culture: www.craftedculturebrew.com

Listen, sit, and sip.