Quarentimes #6 – Trace Brewing

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According to Ed, Day is in “mid-season form,” as the Drinking Partners get back to the studio for number 6ish of their Quarantimes podcast series. Both excitedly welcome Trace Brewing owner David Kushner and brewer Zach Colton, as Ed and Day sample Moonpond, a balanced IPA with Galaxy and Columbus hops. The duo met while both were working at Harpoon Brewing and discuss how they ended up in Pittsburgh and the origins of Trace Brewing, which opened in December 2020 for carryout. Up next on tap is Love is the Way, a citrusy IPA with gooseberry, passionfruit, and lychee, which causes Ed and Day to take the conversation in a whole new (and freaky) direction. Continue listening as Zach details his long and winding history around beer, which strikingly readied him to become Trace’s head brewer and experiment with spontaneously fermented beer. The short story? Zach started as a “beer here” guy and ended up in the Seine Valley region of Belgium learning about Lambic beer. Want to know how the pandemic affects what beers Trace is brewing? Tune in as they explain how the canning process and at-home drinking influences the beer style decisions. Day proves he’s a big fan of Trace Brewing as he applauds how inclusive the staff and taproom of the newly opened brewery is and their 6-month vocational program that is committed to “diversifying the brewing industry.” Enjoy this uplifting interview that encircles all the best that the craft beer industry can offer as the Drinking Partners return to their fun and frolicking selves. Learn more about Trace Brewing: www.tracebloomfield.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.