Quarentimes #4 – Courtney Williamson

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“You used to see us out in public,” Ed announces as he changes up the Drinking Partners opening bit and welcomes back listeners. Another alteration for 2020? The Drinking Partners will accept contactless deliveries of Hennessy. A reunited and rejuvenated Ed and Day welcome Courtney Williamson, CEO and Founder of AbiliLife: “A company dedicated to designing and developing products to improve the quality of life for patients with Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases.” Ms. Williamson discusses her personal shift from pursuing a PhD to medical product design, which came out of a desire to assist her mother, who suffered from Parkinson’s. What started as a passion project with the support of Carnegie Mellon’s start-up incubator Project Olympus quickly developed into something more, which is detailed and examined throughout the podcast. An intriguing and uplifting interview, and one that joyously brings Ed and Day back into the studio. To learn more about AbiliLife, visit www.abililife.com. And stay tuned to hear more comedy on tap from the Drinking Partners!

Listen, sit, and sip.