Quarentimes #3 – Alex Bard | Hear Corp

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Want to know what Ed means when he refers to a “trench coat beer?” Listen in to the latest quarantine-edition of the Drinking Partners for that explanation and more as Ed and Day interview Alex Bard, the COO of Hear Corp, a 2020 sponsor of Fresh Fest Digi Fest. Alex speaks on his company’s founding and how Hear Corp grew into a full service live event production company, which at times is like playing Risk, he admits. Midway through, Alex discusses his involvement with 25 Carrick Ave, a community learning center for event technology. The non-profit program’s goals are to provide education in production and broadcast and open a creative arts center for Pittsburgh-based artists. Check out how Hear Corp is adapting by checking out their live stream channel, Live at 25. The podcast wraps up with Day talking about his pandemic wardrobe and his new aversion to jeans and love for “fancy sweats,” and reminds listeners that the Drinking Partners still offer comedy on tap, even from their front porches.

Listen, sit, and sip.