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Quote or No Quote #27 – Martin Luther King Jr. | I Will Mourn the Loss of Thousands of Precious Lives…

I like this “no quote,” Buzzkillers, because it’s history of full of all the things we’ve been talking about on this show — phrases and sentiments that “sound” like they …

Professor Buzzkill #106 – The JFK Legacy

Professor Phil Nash joins us for part three of our examination of John F. Kennedy in the 100th anniversary of his birth. This episode looks at how the JFK legacy …

Quote or No Quote # 26 – Zhou Enlai | Too Early to Say

In 1972, Chinese premier Zhou Enlai was asked about the impact of the French Revolution. “Too early to say,” he replied. Given that the French Revolution of 1789 had occurred …

Professor Buzzkill #105 – Dunkirk

It’s 2017, Buzzkillers, 77 years after the Battle of Dunkirk and the subsequent evacuation of allied troops from that area between the 26th of May and the 4th of June …

Professor Buzzkill | Quote Or No Quote #25 – Teddy Roosevelt | Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Finally a quote that’s actually true! Yes, Teddy Roosevelt did say that the best advice he’d ever heard about dealing with foreign affairs and potentially hostile foreign powers is to, …

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