PLN 10.19.17

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Don’t miss this episode. Sam discusses Pittsburgh Councilwoman’s #MeToo, The Mob investing in Apps, Mayor of Monessen telling an employee to suck him off, luring of Amazon, Kenny Chesney, Mayoral hypocrisy, Ringgold on Strike, A local teacher who got sent ‘a message’, and so much more.

Source Material

Failed Ponzi Scheme

Rudiak Me Too

Rudiak Me Too 2

Zubik Contraception

Nursing Home Citations

Primantis Amazon

Defrauding the U.S.A.

Amazon effect on Seattle

Nun Bank Robbers

Greenfield Bridge


Ringgold on Strike

Ringgold Salaries

Monessen Mayor

Monessen Mayor 2

Teacher Assault

Jesus Freak  

Organized Crime Investing in Apps

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