Pittsburgh Local News with Sam Leonard is a weekly podcast that reports, analyzes, and makes fun of the important or compelling news that breaks each week in Pittsburgh. At a time when following international news feels futile, this show catches you up on news that affects you and news that you can affect.

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DJ Breis – The Interviews

Before leaving town for the week, Sam sat down with his friend DJ Breis (@breis_music) to discuss being a self-sustaining artist, the DJ scene in Pittsburgh, and most importantly, Hot …

PLN 12.13.18

Lots of important and genuinely interesting news this week. Also, of course, some giggles. Check out this episode!

PLN 12.6.18

Featured on this Heinz ketchup episode, the John Henry of snow plows, East Pittsburgh Police disbanding, two evil women, one far more evil man, and so much more! Check out …

PLN 11.22.18

Texting and driving a school bus, an office cleaning with permission to write suboxone prescriptions, forged signatures for Amazon, guns, ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant at Sheetz’, and more! …

PLN 11.15.18

Amazon has chosen a new HQ and we have some details on Pennsylvania’s plea to the tech giant. Beyond that, it’s scam after scam. Check out this episode!

PLN 11.8.18

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. Election Results, a few funny crimes without terrible consequences, Steeler coverage, and as always, explosives. Check out this episode!

Jon Potter – The Interviews

This week on the show, in the wake of the deadliest attack on Jews in American history, I sat down with Jon Potter (@pghparagliding) to discuss his hostel, his work …

PLN 10.25.18

Tremendous developments in the Pagans v Police brawl, some sad and strange drama at local schools, a shifty lawyer, and much more! Check out this episode!

PLN 10.18.18

Cops and bikers brawl in Southside, multiple instances of shady campaign practices, a few tragedies, a death on the set of ‘You Are My Friend’, and more. Check out this …

PLN 10.11.18

Students raise awareness for the homeless, Acklin to the Penguins, DUQ football player dies, Chick-Fil-A x PGH Marathon, and more. Check out this episode!

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