Pittsburgh Local News with Sam Leonard is a weekly podcast that reports, analyzes, and makes fun of the important or compelling news that breaks each week in Pittsburgh. At a time when following international news feels futile, this show catches you up on news that affects you and news that you can affect.

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@pkdelay "Silver" album drops this weekend. Link in bio. We giggled for an hour about rap theory… instagram.com/p/Bhyya4vAMW-/

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PLN 4.19.18 – PK Delay

Sam interviews hip-hop artist, PK Delay.Check out this episode!

PLN 4.19.18

Mrs. Cartman allowed a local boy to cache weapons, genetic diversity in elephants, elections get nasty, streaking in Mt. Lebanon, Top Golf, corrupt cops, riots, and more! Check out this …

PLN 4.12.18

This week we try to determine when claiming to have supernatural powers for profit is criminal and when it is not. We also talk about the collapse of Rt. 30, …

PLN 4.5.18

Not a ton of this news really affects you. But it is lecherous!! Crime, shame, racism, fear, hatred, evasion– Pittsburgh Local News!   Check out this episode!

PLN 3.29.18

We cover tragedies, poorly executed crime, a great scam, political beef, tiki bars, and so much more! Check out this episode!

PLN 3.19.18 – Shannon Edwards

Sam interviews congressional candidate Shannon Edwards Check out this episode!

PLN 3.15.18

Sam covers the 18th District special election, City Paper’s cover story, a couple of locally sourced viral videos, and a variety of crime.   Check out this episode!

PLN 3.8.18

District 8’s special election, a coach caught catfishing, a hydrochloric acid spill, fire at Papa J’s, a few silly crimes, the intersection of CTE and family court, a racist podcaster, and …

PLN 3.1.18

It was a slow news week and that’s great news for you– the listener. We cover Shannon Edwards previous psychotic break, the Church of AR-15s, a successful Steeler victim blaming, …

PLN 2.22.18

Congressional redistricting, a shocking new candidate, attorneys in trouble, sold out medicinal marijuana, local school shooting news, potholes, a crazy SWAT raid, and a mansion built on fraud. Check out …

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