Pittsburgh Local News with Sam Leonard is a weekly podcast that reports, analyzes, and makes fun of the important or compelling news that breaks each week in Pittsburgh. At a time when following international news feels futile, this show catches you up on news that affects you and news that you can affect.

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PLN 8.9.18

Jimmy Wopo’s gang hit with RICO charges, train derailment at Station Square, Fayette County Democrats’ political maneuver, Rivers Casino surveillance misuse, Scoobi, and more! Check out this episode!

Brian Crawford – The Interviews

I sat down with Brian Crawford, Founder of The Rivers Edge, Pittsburgh’s only 24/7 local music radio station, to discuss what hes working on these days. We also talked lot …

PLN 8.2.18

Brian Shaw’s alleged murderer’s legal defense shows limited scruples, guards at ACJ had a rough week of getting stabbed and getting caught looking at pern, protesters protest new protest guidelines, …

PLN 7.26.18

This week we cover the embarrassing marketing of Pittsburgh, Dispatches from Heroin Central, Smooth Criminals, trash criminals, Antwon Rose Jr Developments, new travel opportunities, Shazier’s undying determination, and more! Check …

PLN 7.19.18

Repeated and suspicious arson at a mobile home park, Warped Tour declared a mass-casualty event, a former state troopers legal issues, Diocesan perversion, protests, and random drug testing. Check out …

Charlie Deitch – The Interviews

I sat down with Charlie Deitch, Managing Editor of the newly founded Pittsburgh Current, to discuss his upbringing, career, and how his journalistic philosophy applies to the issues of our …

PLN 7.12.18

We talk Dino Geese, machine gun rentals, circumcision, homophobia, white privilege, murder at Point Park, bank heists, and more. Check out this episode!

PLN 7.5.18

Happy 4th! We talk Immigrant Mentality, fireworks, smoke free CCAC, low quality crime, Antwon Rose reaction fallout, opioid babies, People’s Water and more! Check out this episode!

PLN 6.28.18

BUIs, perversion at Penn State, Hijab Bank Heist, Tim Mcconnell, redistricting, and of course, Antwon Rose II. Source Material BUI Bryce Jordan Center Hijab Heist Zaijuan Hester Arrested Protest March …

PLN 6.21.18

Lots of big news like Rob Rogers, Jimmy Wopo, Antwon Rose Shooting, and lots of other news like K2 smuggling, Hep C at UPMC, hidden grow rooms, and police escapes. …

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