Pitchwerks #97 – Steve Stewart | VEZT.co

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This week’s show is an absolute monster.  The Vezt platform is a way for artists and creators to raise money – similar to the way an IPO works – by putting the royalty rights for songs, albums or full catalogs onto an open market.  This week’s guest is Steve Stewart, a music industry veteran whose credentials include 20+ years managing a little band called Stone Temple Pilots. But Steve now spends his days explaining the virtues of fractional ownership and Ethereum blockchain technology.  This week also marks the first guest co-host in Pitchwerks history, as the multi-talented Lyndsey Smith returns to the studio to help Scot to measure Vezt’s appeal to musicians. Together, Steve, Lyndsey and Scot discuss the recording industry’s problems, Vezt’s attempts to solve them, and what the future may hold.

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