Pitchwerks #39 – Alan Houser |Group Wellesley

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Pitchwerks host Scot MacTaggart has an emotional relationship with the English language, and this week’s guest Alan Houser comes into the Epicast Network studios to balance things out with a more analytical approach.  Alan is a technical writing consultant.  His firm, Group Wellesley, helps companies to create, edit, translate and just generally manage the very important documents that businesses depend on.  


Alan has a successful consulting practice, and is a past president of the Society for Technical Communication, and the two men spend some time discussing the sales and marketing efforts that success was built on.  


Sure, we know you’re not a technical writer, but this week’s show is about more than that.  MacTaggart and Houser discuss the very nature of business communication, and their analysis turns up interesting insights throughout the show.

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