Pitchwerks #145 – John Feghali | Toaster Party

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After starting businesses across various fields, including robotics and software, John Feghali has now turned his attention to something for the younger generation.  His latest venture is called Toaster Party, and this week we’re talking about how they are marketing their new product, Toaster Pets Animation Studio. John sees his whole career as a mission to make life’s best things available to everyone – and the Toaster Pets product is no different.  The Animation Studio addresses one of the biggest requests that young people make of their parents: they want to make online videos. John says his cartoon video kit allows them to express themselves earlier, but in a safe and anonymous way. He adds that the storytelling process and a “build-on-your-failures” mindset prepares young people for the many jobs that will require the skills this product develops. 

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