Pitchwerks #139 – Comeback Capital Conference

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We got an invitation to take a road trip to Youngstown, Ohio to visit our friend Robb Myer from Comeback Capital (comeback.vc) at the Comeback Conference on May 17, and we took it.  If you’re not familiar, Comeback Capital tells founders to “be what they are, where they are”, and encourages investors to think of the area from Pittsburgh to Indiana as a potential target for venture capital investment.  There were a lot of people there, and a lot of activity, and we tried to strip out as much ambient noise and crosstalk as possible, but just like past conference recordings that we’ve done, this episode doesn’t sound like one of the interviews we do back at home base.  We got some great insights from attendees though, including some that we know. Here’s a list of everyone featured this episode:


  • Robb Myer, Comeback Capital
  • Jeff Ericson, RubyRide
  • Andy Chan, VIT Initiative
  • Toby Asbury, Parketer
  • Tino Go, Baru
  • Apurbva Desai, Vuclip and Comeback Capital

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