Pitchwerks #100 – Kenny Chen | Thrival Festival, Ascender

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Holy hell, we made it.  Episode 100. We decided against making too big of a thing about it.  In fact, this would be a totally regular show if we weren’t drinking champagne.  Staying fairly true to form though, we drank the champagne out of whiskey tasting glasses, and talked to our old friend Kenny Chen about how he might pitch the speakers and panels at this year’s Thrival Festival to the people who might not have thought about attending.  Kenny’s been up to a lot since we last spoke to him, getting a title bump to “Innovation Director” at Ascender / Thrival, getting deeply involved as an XPrize ambassador, and even working with the United Nations on AI for Good initiatives. Kenny’s a tremendous person, and we’re glad he joined us for our biggest milestone yet.

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