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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

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Newest Podcasts and News

Pitchwerks #92 – Day Bracey | Fresh Fest Beer Festival

This week:  Day Bracey – one half of the Drinking Partners podcast – is in to talk about Fresh Fest, an entrepreneurial new beer festival he is launching with partners …

Pitchwerks #91 – Allison Howard | Auratek Textiles

If you were going to buy a bedding set right now, what would you be looking for?  No matter what answer you came up with, chances are that “high tech …

Pitchwerks #90 – Nick Comanici -| Carney, TacticsNotHacks.com

SO VERY MUCH THIS WEEK!  Nick Comanici, the Chief Marketing Officer of Carney, comes in to talk about his perspectives on what works and what doesn’t.  Nick has a couple …

Pitchwerks #89 – Krystle Grandy | K Grandy Media

Everybody loves Krystle – and part of that is because she’s a truly open book.  When we last heard from Krystle, she had a different last name, had just quit …

Pitchwerks #88 – Carmel Majidi, Navid Kazem | Arieca

This week, Scot indulges his obsession with materials startups by hosting Carmel Majidi and Navid Kazem, the founding team behind Arieca, who recently took up residence at Alphalab Gear.  Arieca’s …

Pitchwerks #87 – Ryan O’Shea | Grindhouse Wetware & Future Grind

It’s always fun to check in with the people that are doing REALLY difficult pitches, so we brought Ryan O’Shea, spokesperson for Grindhouse Wetware and the host of the Future …

Pitchwerks #86 – Tyler Pratt | DestyDo

This week, we take a look at DestyDo, a startup that recently launched after careful long-term planning and methodical execution.  Cofounder Tyler Pratte is in charge of the company’s sales …

Pitchwerks #85 – Josh Corcoran | Spare Change & Food Rescue Heroes

It’s been nearly nine months since Josh Corcoran last appeared on Pitchwerks, and he’s been very busy in the interim.  Josh and his friends at Spare Change (sparechange.tv) have begun …

Pitchwerks Podcast #84 – Walking the Floor of the Pittsburgh Business Show

This week, we take the show on the road!  We’re at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center to speak with some of the businesses represented on the floor of the …

Pitchwerks #83 – Dan Finnell | MindMatrix

If you’ve got your head in a rut, this episode is just what the doctor ordered.  This week, Scot welcomes Dan Finnell into the Epicast Network studios to talk about …

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