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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

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Newest Podcasts and News

Pitchwerks #144 – Milena Roucka | Totally Fit Mama

Super fun show this week!  Milena Roucka – who wrestling fans will know better as WWE’s Rosa Mendes – comes into the studio to talk about Totally Fit Mama, the …

Pitchwerks #143 – Kurt Schnieders | DCC Executive Consulting

Kurt Schnieders has had the kind of career that most of us can only dream of.  He is best known for having been the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Dick’s …

Pitchwerks #142 – Aaron Watson | Piper Creative

This week our good friend Aaron Watson, the host of Going Deep with Aaron Watson and the CEO of Piper Creative is here to demystify LinkedIn and social content strategy …

Pitchwerks #141 – Zak Slayback | How to Get Ahead

Our friend and prior guest Zak Slayback has written a new book called How to Get Ahead.  Scot devoured it – cover to cover – in a couple of days, …

Pitchwerks #140 – Greg Coticchia | CMU Product Management

Greg Coticchia has a way of inciting mischief in the Epicast Studios, and this time is no different.  This week, the serial-entrepreneur-turned-educator is behind the mic talking about product management, …

Pitchwerks #139 – Comeback Capital Conference

We got an invitation to take a road trip to Youngstown, Ohio to visit our friend Robb Myer from Comeback Capital (comeback.vc) at the Comeback Conference on May 17, and …

Pitchwerks #138 – Dr. Doug Nelson | Lumis

No one likes medical errors, and no one likes being bad at their job, but this week’s guest explains that lack of quality practice and insufficient access to hands-on training …

Pitchwerks #137 – Courtney Zaugg | Plaka

This week’s a two-fer, as we talk about the business of professional consulting and also dig into the concepts and practices behind the economic development policy decisions that cities and …

Pitchwerks #136 – Dr. John Stakeley | Entrepreneurship Professor

This week, college professor and entrepreneur Dr. John Stakeley comes in to talk to Scot about how our colleges and universities are teaching students about entrepreneurship, and reflecting on his …

Pitchwerks #135 – Scott Rogerson | UpContent

In 2019, if you’re selling professional services or technology, you’re sharing articles and blog posts with prospective clients.  Curated third party articles from reputable sources are the name of the …

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