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Pitchwerks #58 – Stacie Paxton Cobos – Climate Reality Project

Nearly all climate scientists agree that climate change is real and driven by human activity.  Even if you don’t believe that, you have to admit that reducing pollution and preserving …

Pitchwerks #57 – Invest In Her Pitch Competition Finals

If you remember Pitchwerks #33, when Samantha Bute Hartzman told us about the Invest In Her women’s pitch competition, you know that it’s a popular event – and growing.  This …

Pitchwerks #56 – Matt Vendeville | Circa City Apparel

Matt Vendeville has a big, ambitious startup idea…but he’s 24 years old, and he lives in Pittsburgh, which is suffering a serious shortage in angel investment right now.  Rather than …

Pitchwerks #55 -BoXZY, A Year Later

BoXZY and Olga Pogoda are back!  How can this be, you ask?  Well, Olga’s a crowdfunding consultant now, and BoXZY is launching a new 3D printer product, which they were …

Pitchwerks #54 – Christine Iksic | 3 Rivers Outdoor Co

Over the last three years, Christine Iksic has been doing two jobs.  One as “The GPS Lady” for Precision Laser & Instrument, selling the Trimble GPS to businesses that need …

Pitchwerks #53 – Thrival 2017 Panel – “It’s Not Just About the Tech”

Earlier this year, Scot got a call.  It was Kenny Chen, Program Director for Ascender, past guest (Pitchwerks #45), Thrival mastermind, and all-around great guy.   Kenny wanted Scot to moderate …

Pitchwerks #52 – Scott Nunnally | Something’s Spoiled (YouTube)

We’ve seen the parallels between presentation and stage performance before – so this week, we brought in an expert on acting and improv.  This episode features Scott Nunnally, a thoroughly …

Pitchwerks #51 – Kiya Tomlin – Uptown Sweats

You knew we’d get here eventually – dressing for success!  But, as all things, we prefer to put our own unique spin on the topic.  This week, fashion designer Kiya …

Pitchwerks #50 – Aaron Watson | Going Deep

In a very special crossover event this week, Scot brings in Aaron Watson, a successful and well-rounded podcast host who has nearly 250 episodes on the books, and then immediately …

Pitchwerks #49 – Erica Peterson | Science Tots & Moms Can Code

Fearless founder Erica Peterson visits the Epicast Studios to talk about her personal perspective on starting new projects.  Erica is known for Science Tots, a non-profit STEM program for younger …

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