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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

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Newest Podcasts and News

Pitchwerks #135 – Scott Rogerson | UpContent

In 2019, if you’re selling professional services or technology, you’re sharing articles and blog posts with prospective clients.  Curated third party articles from reputable sources are the name of the …

Pitchwerks #134 – Lisa Conturo | German American Chamber of Commerce

One thing we haven’t given enough time to on this show?  Sales engineers. It’s a lucrative career path, and the people that do that job play a vitally important role. …

Pitchwerks #133 – John Chamberlin, Rachael Rennebeck | YaJagoff!

For a long time, Scot has been waiting for an opportunity to point to a really effective partnership that matches his own personal preferences.  This week, John Chamberlin and Rachael …

Pitchwerks #132 – Mark Ramdarass | Art Direction

This week, we talk professional art direction with Mark Ramdarass, who has recently moved to offering fractional services after building up a great list of brands that he has contributed …

Pitchwerks #131 – Vivek Kumar and John Goldschmidt | Qlicket

The last time Vivek Kumar was in the studio, this fine program was celebrating its 40th episode, and Qlicket was primarily selling into the hospitality space.  A lot has happened …

Pitchwerks #130 – Matt Stroud and Carmen Gentile | Postindustrial Media

This week’s episode has it all!  Journalism, market validation, crowdfunding, Donald Trump, tasers, rocket-propelled grenades, the NFL, coal mines and steelworkers!  Our guests this week are Matt Stroud and Carmen …

Pitchwerks #129 – Curt Wadsworth | Dorothy AI

Curtis Wadsworth has been working in patent law for the last 12 years, and if he has his way, his new product Dorothy is going to change that field forever. …

Pitchwerks #128 – Prashant Ambe | TiE Pittsburgh

A great analytical mind steps into the Epicast studios this week as Prashant Ambe, president of TiE Pittsburgh – a nonprofit startup support network – gets behind the microphone.  Prashant …

Pitchwerks #127 – Matt Wald | Columbus Collaboratory

This week, Scot is on the road in Columbus and talks to Matt Wald, President and CEO of the Columbus Collaboratory.  Matt has a few surprises up his sleeves, like …

Pitchwerks #126 – Kelauni Cook | Black Tech Nation

Kelauni Cook is the founder of Black Tech Nation, and we’ve been trying to get her into the studio for some time now because we have seen her sacrifice firsthand. …

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