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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

Each week, Scot and his impressive network of contacts provide insights and examples that can help you. The one reading this. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. And it can help you right now.

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Pitchwerks #38 – Mike Neilson – Switcheroo

If you’ve ever doubted yourself at work, be sure to listen to this week’s show.  Mike Neilson’s fields of expertise before setting out on his own were business software and …

Pitchwerks #37 – Mike Stafiej and PICLIF have a streamlined growth plan

Mike Stafiej, the president of PICLIF, knows that a lot of disruptive young B2B companies start off with the assumption that they will continually need to check in on their …

Pitchwerks #36 – Peter Madaus is a mystery to some people

GIS Associates is a government-relations firm, and vice president Peter Madaus has been there for 18 years.  If you don’t know what that means, or what he does, you’re not …

Pitchwerks #35 – Jason Putorti and Resistbot offer a slick new interface for government

This week, Scot goes to San Francisco to chat with Jason Putorti, a well-known and respected interface designer & civic technology innovator.  Several of his past projects have been aimed …

Pitchwerks #34 – David Oshlag saves time and money

For some reason, everyone loves talking about money.  They want to hear how to save it, how other people spend it, how to make more of it.  Time is another …

Pitchwerks #33 – Samantha Bute Hartzman says you ARE ready to pitch today

This week, Samantha Bute Hartzman from Invest in Her (weinvestinher.org) stops into the Epicast Studios for a fun show with good chemistry.  The two talk about the pitch competition Invest …

Pitchwerks #32 – Krystle Nirschel just went out on her own

Old friend and past guest Krystle Nirschel was on the show about three months ago, and apparently caught the entrepreneurial bug during her visit.  Originally invited on to talk about …

Pitchwerks # 31 – Comedy is work. Ask stand-up comedians Ed Bailey and Day Bracey

Just like comic books, podcasts sometimes have crossover events.  This is one of those.  Ed Bailey and Day Bracey – better known as the Drinking Partners from Pittsburgh’s favorite podcast …

Pitchwerks #30 – Josh Lucas just got a grant to further test his way of building businesses

Want to know how hard it is to earn big grants?  Ever want to look under the hood of the Pittsburgh startup scene?  Are you able to detect a subtle …

Pitchwerks #29 – Jen Yosef and MIGHTY are engineering a successful launch

MIGHTY is on track to release a disruptive new product at the end of the summer, and thanks to an extensive testing campaign, CEO Jen Yosef has a great deal …

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