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Pitchwerks #85 – Josh Corcoran | Spare Change & Food Rescue Heroes

It’s been nearly nine months since Josh Corcoran last appeared on Pitchwerks, and he’s been very busy in the interim.  Josh and his friends at Spare Change (sparechange.tv) have begun …

Pitchwerks Podcast #84 – Walking the Floor of the Pittsburgh Business Show

This week, we take the show on the road!  We’re at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center to speak with some of the businesses represented on the floor of the …

Pitchwerks #83 – Dan Finnell | MindMatrix

If you’ve got your head in a rut, this episode is just what the doctor ordered.  This week, Scot welcomes Dan Finnell into the Epicast Network studios to talk about …

Pitchwerks #82 – Norm Goldberg | ThoughtForm

This week we’ve a real communications expert in the studio!  Norm Goldberg is in the studio. Norm is one of two principals at ThoughtForm, a consulting firm that describes their …

Pitchwerks #81 – Annia Aleman | City of Pittsburgh – PGH Lab

Under the Peduto administration, the City of Pittsburgh has gone through some really interesting changes.  One of them is the creation of the PGH Lab program, which partners startups with …

Pitchwerks #80 – Max Miller | Washington & Jefferson College

This week’s guest is helping to launch the Washington Area Business Incubator in Washington, Pennsylvania.  Max Miller is a JD and an MBA, formerly of HJ Heinz, but now he’s …

Pitchwerks #79 – Darrin Grove | Truefit

How do you propose a large, complex project with a multitude of possible outcomes?  We brought in an expert to answer that very question. That expert is Darrin Grove, the …

Pitchwerks #78 – Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise | PACE

Want to meet some of the most interesting and influential people in Pittsburgh, plus Pitchwerks host Scot MacTaggart?  Grab a ticket for the PACE Inclusive Voices event at the Fairmont …

Pitchwerks #77 – Lisa Davidson | The Outsourced Sales Manager on Time Management

Our buddy Lisa Davidson is back, talking about all the various implications of how you manage your time as you try to build your book of business – and the …

Pitchwerks #76 – Andy Chan | VIT Initiative

Andy Chan’s a 23-year-old who broke his back playing football, and then tried to “walk it off”.  For a year. This, coupled with an energetic personality and a strong desire …

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