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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

Each week, Scot and his impressive network of contacts provide insights and examples that can help you. The one reading this. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. And it can help you right now.

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Pitchwerks #67 – John Quayle | Quayle Creative | StartNOW Pittsburgh | Active X-It

We never seem to have any lazy people on the show, do we?  This week, it’s John Quayle, one of two partners behind the StartNOW Pittsburgh newsletter, the principal consultant …

Pitchwerks #66 – Planner | CleanRobotics

This week on The Pitchwerks Podcast we’ve got three young men working to save the world – Tanner Cook, Grant Halleran and Aakash Pathak from CleanRobotics.  Together with host Scot …

Pitchwerks #65 – Priya Amin | Flexable

AMAZINGLY sharp conversationalist Priya Amin comes into the studio this week, prepping for an investor pitch competition and talking about Flexable, the startup that she and cofounder Jessica Strong have …

Pitchwerks #64 – Randy Eager & Greg Coticchia | Founder Institute

This week, familiar face Greg Coticchia (Pitchwerks #47) brings Randy Eager into the Epicast Studios to talk about upcoming free seminars in Pittsburgh from the Founder Institute, an idea-stage accelerator …

Pitchwerks #63 – Raji Sankar -|Choolaah Indian Barbecue

So here’s a puzzle for you sales, marketing and startup lovers: How do you launch an Indian fast-casual restaurant, similar to Panera or Chipotle, in an area that doesn’t have …

Pitchwerks #62 – Zak Slayback

Zak Slayback may loathe the way the educational system typically works, but he has legions of educators that love him.  Scot MacTaggart invited Zak to come into the Epicast Studios …

Pitchwerks #61 – Adhithi Aji & Janelle Aslam | Adrich

Some of our fans in Pittsburgh asked for us to have these ladies on the show – and we’re delivering!  Adhithi Aji is the founder of Adrich (adrich.io), and Janelle …

Pitchwerks #60 – Kevin Kelly | Rhabit.co

If you’re going to talk to a genius, pick a fun one.  That’s what Kevin Kelly is.  He’s a fun genius, rethinking human resources / people management rather than just …

Pitchwerks #59 – Susan English | Gatesman Agency

Get your notebook ready for this week’s show!  Susan English is the senior vice president and director of public relations and social media at the multi-talented Gatesman agency, which has …

Pitchwerks #58 – Stacie Paxton Cobos – Climate Reality Project

Nearly all climate scientists agree that climate change is real and driven by human activity.  Even if you don’t believe that, you have to admit that reducing pollution and preserving …

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