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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

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Newest Podcasts and News

Pitchwerks #153 – Gina Vensel | Sensi Pittsburgh

There was a time, not that long ago, when selling ads and sponsorships in a “pro-cannabis lifestyle magazine” would have sounded like an insurmountable challenge in Western Pennsylvania.  Things are …

Pitchwerks #152 – Elyce Henkin | AKA NYC

This week, we get a call from New York City!  Elyce Henkin jumps on the line with Scot MacTaggart to talk about how marketing and advertising work in the world’s …

Pitchwerks #151 – Mike Capsambelis | Awesome Pittsburgh

If you’re not familiar with the Awesome Foundation or Awesome Pittsburgh, then you have to check out this week’s show.  If you go to an Awesome Pittsburgh pitch party, you’ll …

Pitchwerks #150 – Ingrid Cook | SHzoom

Later this year, Ingrid Cook and the SHzoom team will bring their long-awaited “Uptime” product to market to assist fleets with minor accidents and other types of service.  Uptime’s release …

Pitchwerks #149 – John Conturo | Conturo Prototyping

Conturo Prototyping is a crazy place.  They create the first few versions of new components so that inventions can be perfected and turned into new products.  Right now, while you’re …

Pitchwerks #148 – Kevin Kelly and Doug Reynolds | Rhabit + DDI

This week we’re talking strategic investment with our old friend Kevin Kelly, CEO of Rhabit Analytics, and Doug Reynolds, EVP of Development Dimensions International (DDI), who counts technology and innovation …

Pitchwerks #147 – Jason Jones | Idea Foundry

We did a show with Idea Foundry’s Jason Jones a few months back, but then lost the whole thing when our road kit ate the recording.  Jason is a good …

Pitchwerks #146 – Toni Murphy, Bill Flanagan | Allegheny Conference

This week’s guests are incredible!  We have Toni Murphy, vice president of sales and marketing for Comcast, and Bill Flanagan, the iconic host of WPXI TV’s Our Region’s Business – …

Pitchwerks #145 – John Feghali | Toaster Party

After starting businesses across various fields, including robotics and software, John Feghali has now turned his attention to something for the younger generation.  His latest venture is called Toaster Party, …

Pitchwerks #144 – Milena Roucka | Totally Fit Mama

Super fun show this week!  Milena Roucka – who wrestling fans will know better as WWE’s Rosa Mendes – comes into the studio to talk about Totally Fit Mama, the …

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