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Scot MacTaggart has been a sales rep, a marketer, a manager, a consultant, an executive and an advisor for over 20 years. He created The Pitchwerks Podcast to help you to reach your business goals by learning from the experiences of others.

Each week, Scot and his impressive network of contacts provide insights and examples that can help you. The one reading this. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran. And it can help you right now.

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Pitchwerks #50 – Aaron Watson | Going Deep

In a very special crossover event this week, Scot brings in Aaron Watson, a successful and well-rounded podcast host who has nearly 250 episodes on the books, and then immediately …

Pitchwerks #49 – Erica Peterson | Science Tots & Moms Can Code

Fearless founder Erica Peterson visits the Epicast Studios to talk about her personal perspective on starting new projects.  Erica is known for Science Tots, a non-profit STEM program for younger …

Pitchwerks #48 – Matt Verlinich | Verlinich Labs | ClearIce.Rocks

Crowdfunding.  Everyone is talking about it – from students in entrepreneurial programs to established businesspeople – but most people don’t know anyone who’s actually been through it.   Enter Matt …

Pitchwerks #47 – Greg Coticchia | University of Pittsburgh Blast Furnace

Few people have earned entrepreneurial merit badges that this week’s guest has collected.  Greg Coticchia, the Director of the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute’s “Blast Furnace” student accelerator program, is …

Pitchwerks #46 – Jackson Wang

This week’s guest, Queble Technologies CEO Jackson Wang, owns a software firm that develops apps and websites for startups and early stage companies.     Jackson offers Pitchwerks listeners bluntly …

Pitchwerks #45 – Kenny Chen | Ascender

The Thrival innovation and music festival is coming up at the end of September!  Now seems like the perfect time to talk to Kenny Chen, the socially-minded program director of …

Pitchwerks #44 – Josh Corcoran – Table Ten & Spare Change

On this episode of the Pitchwerks Podcast, we’re digging into a web series called Spare Change (sparechange.tv), which start off simply, but it has been growing into a show and …

Pitchwerks #43 – Amanda Lowe | Flywheel

Have you got something complicated to sell?  Amanda Lowe can relate.  She and her partner Adam Nelson are the geniuses behind Flywheel, an “organizational design studio” that helps business owners …

Pitchwerks #42 -Ellen Saksen – Go Jane Go

This week’s show has a lot to offer across a multitude of topics, but here are two really powerful ones to listen for: the largely untapped needs of specialized communities, …

Pitchwerks #41 – Connie Cavrich – American Red Cross

Connie Cavrich, Regional Philanthropy Officer for the American Red Cross, sits down in the Epicast Studios with Scot this week to talk about corporate fundraising and volunteer recruitment.  Connie works …

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