Pittsburgh native Ray Zawodni has been called a dishwasher, a painter, and an Easter Bunny…but he mostly prefers to be called a Stand-Up comedian and over the past 6 years Ray has been a regular feature at the Pittsburgh Improv performing alongside countless comedy greats. On No Weeks Notice, he talks to fellow entertainers about the crappy jobs they’ve worked while in pursuit of their dreams. Through these interviews Ray looks to find out about his friend’s worst work experiences and hear about their most entertaining termination stories.

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No Weeks Notice #8 – Alex Stypula

On episode 8, Ray talks to Race to the Coffin Comedy Tour’s Alex Stypula. They discuss the prison that is corporate America and Alex’s zero tolerance for corny co-workers. This …

No Weeks Notice #7 – Norlex Belma

On episode 7, New York City stand-up, Norlex Belma sits down with Ray to talk about the jobs he’s had before becoming a full-time comic. Ray learns about how Norlex’s …

No Weeks Notice #6 – Mike Wysocki

On episode 6, Ray chats with Pittsburgh radio veteran Mike Wysocki. Before radio, Mike worked on a farm where he refused to take advantage of one of the only perks …

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