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Fred Rogers – 6:16:18, 7.13 PM

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Thomas Sweterlitch Author of The Gone World Rejoins Marta On The Move Podcast Episode 109

#109 Author Thomas Sweterlitch –The Gone World Pittsburgh author Thomas Sweterlitch has been a guest on my show previously to talk about his book Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a post apocalyptic novel based in …

Ready Player One Movie Review with Marta On The Move Podcast and Dinky Dana

#108 Ready Player One Book to Movie Review I couldn’t wait to release this one. Ready Player One is on of my all time favorite guilty pleasure books. I do …

Possibly The Best Date Night in Pittsburgh. Lee Terbosic Returns to Hotel Monaco for 52 Up Close. Episode 107 on Marta On The Move

#107 Lee Terbosic I haven’t gotten together with one of my favorite magicians, Lee Terbosic since my 100th podcast party. That was months ago, and I needed to have him on to …

Chelsea Handler brings “An Evening with Chelsea Handler” to Pittsburgh- Episode 106 on Marta On The Move

#106 Chelsea Handler I love a person who speaks their mind freely, openly and without caring what others may think. When I conjure up an image in my mind who …

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