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#146 3 To Be Me- a Guided Journey of Self Discovery Through Total Body Connection

Marta, what is this? I thought you were pregnant…. Oh no, no, no friends. I am not. Sorry to disappoint, and also sorry to scare you, Mom. LOL I am …

#145 Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Putting Your Self Care First.

This episode is all about why you should NOT feel guilty about taking care of yourself. The whole idea of self care has been blown up, and made into an …

#144 For People With Big Ideas But Just Can’t Reach The Finish Line. My Number One Tip

This episode is for all my idea people out there. Does this sound like you? -You wake up in the morning sometimes and are mad you didn’t write down something …

#143 Vulnerability and The Stories We Tell Ourselves

I wrote the post below before I recorded today. After I had posted it, I realized that I needed to record more of what I was feeling about this podcast …

#142 Owning Who You are Now, and Not Who You Were

I was pretty scared to write this, it started as an simple Instagram or Facebook post, but then when I finally started writing it, it became long. I figured it …

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