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Mike Hitt- Episode 87 Marta On The Move Podcast

#87 Mike Hitt It has been 3 years to the date, people!  Damn!  I am so excited to have some really incredible guests on the show this month and next. …

Luis Von Ahn – Episode 86- Marta On The Move

#86 Luis Von Ahn I wonder how many of you may know, that the widely popular company known as Duolingo, has it’s base right here in Pittsburgh, PA?  I sure didn’t.  After …

The Spice Of Morocco Marta On The Move Episode 85

I have recently returned from my Moroccan journey, and I am forever changed in my love of spices.  The richness of the country, is in it’s spices in my opinion. …

MOTM Ep 80 Tips For The Nervous Scuba Diver

Diving is one of my favorite activities, but even I get nervous when I am not prepared.  I have put together some of the things that make, at least for …

Rick Sebak Motm 83

#83 Rick Sebak FINALLY!!!!   Not many of you know this, but I have been trying to get Rick Sebak on my show since day one.  Our schedules have never synced up, …

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