Lindsey Smith- Author of “Eat Your Feelings -The Food Mood Girl’s Guide to Transforming Your Emotional Eating” Episode 104 on Marta On The Move

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#104 Lindsey Smith- Author of Eat Your Feelings

Sooooooo tell me what diet you are on for the new year. Not on one? Doubtful. No really, it isn’t like I don’t believe you. I just… don’t. New year, new you, right? That’s what we all hope for, that a new year we will stick to our goals. Lose that extra 5, 10 or 20 lbs we tacked on in 2017, or from all those cookies we ate over the holidays.

Guilty as charged over here! It seems like I have tried everything, and with all those diets there is always a cook book involved. I’ll stick to it for a bit, but eventually will waver off, and the cycle begins again. These days however, I find myself looking more into holistic ways of treating my body. Listening to my body, and even more so, my mood, and my mind. Letting it guide my eating habits.

Lindsey Smith is a lady I had the pleasure of meeting at the Pittsburgh Publicity Summit. I was speaking on the panel, and Lindsey and Beth Caldwell were running the event. I learned she was writing a cook book based on your mood, and I was instantly intrigued.

Eat Your Feelings–  is more than a recipe book. It focuses on what your body craves based on your emotional mood, and how to kick them to the curb, or nourish yourself. I love this concept. How many times have I wanted something I knew was bad for me, because I was tired, upset, or stressed. I can think of quite a few times.

Join me as I sit with Lindsey, and chat with her about what prompted this book to be released.

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