Ian Insect prides himself for balancing on the fringe of the fringe. If you’re a fan of obscure and the queer, this Pittsburgh based comic is your flavor of strange.


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@jordanmc_music a breakfast burrito. i think you're on to something!!!

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Ian Insect Is Evil Ep 30 “Vulnerability” feat. Midge Crickett and Sikes

The inspiration for the Midge Crickett song “This Podcast Sucks”!!! Two podcasts become one as guest host Abby Denton chats with Pittsburgh’s greatest chanteuse Midge Crickett and Ian shares a …

Ian Insect Is Evil Ep. 27 “Segments” feat. Vince Charming, Sean Kendle & Nick Miller

With this episode, the show is finally put on a long leash. Sean Kendle (“In Poor Taste” podcast), magician Vince Charming and Epicast’s own Nick Miller try our best to …

Ian Insect Is Evil ep 26 “Synesthesia” feat. Hannah Altman and Brian Crawford

Live in front of an unwitting studio audience! Well, for a couple minutes. Anyway, passion comes up and so does relaxation. Brian and Hannah discuss the in-between space and the …

Ian Insect Is Evil Ep 25 “Up” feat. Jeremy Caywood, Kevin O’Brien & Jeffrey Williams

What a discussion! The development of art and artists and the self-assessment that ensues! Once we finally define a facet of art as altruistic communication, we switch to kitties. And …

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