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Hear This Podcast – Michael Jobe

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If you’re a fan of collectable action figures, rare pokemon trading cards, or have been paying attention to what Epicast has been doing at all, then you should already know the author of this issue of Hear This Podcast, Michael Jobe.

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The Pulpurri Podcast

Michael Jobe is the co-host of the Talk’n Pops hosted here on the Epicast Network. Michael is also one of the creators of Podcross.com. He’s even in the process of developing a brand new podcast that covers and discusses other podcasts. So you can see why I reached out to him to tell me what podcast he thinks we should be listening to and why.

For this issue of Here This Podcast Michael breaks down episode #613 of The Gilmore Guys. In this episode Ross Kimball (@merosskimball) joins the Gilmore Guys to gab all about The Gilmore Girls Episode 613 – Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting LIVE in Chicago!

You should Hear the newest episode of The Gilmore Guys. The Gilmore Guys is a podcast where two guys (Kevin Porter

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The Gilmore Guys is a Gilmore Girls review podcast.

and Demi Adejuwigbe) have been watching the WB TV show called The Gilmore Girls. Kevin has seen them all and Demi have been watching them for the show. The shows are regularly great, but live shows are where they really shine. Live shows include awesome live performances of Gilmore Girl based song parodies, phenomenal special guests, questions from the audience, and the electricity from the audience itself. The standard episodes include segments like pop goes the culture, Netflix synopsis, fashion report, WB original promos, Twitter or audience Q&A, television without pity (TWoP), rating the episode, and where you tweet, I will follow.

This episode clocks in at a little over 2 two hours, just keep in mind that an episode of the Gilmore Girls is a standard hour long tv show which, excluding commercials, is around 42 minutes. So I don’t ramble I am just going to hit my favorite points. Kevin and Demi start the show by singing a parody of, “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” replacing the lyrics with the events of what happened in that episode of the Gilmore Girls. After some vamping the guys bring out their special guest Ross Kimball by singing the special guest theme song. Ross’s history with the Gilmore Girls is discussed and how he had to convince his girlfriend to go to a Gilmore Guys live show with him. Afterwards they get right into pop goes the culture, Ross points out how insane it is that the audience finishes their theme sayings. The show transitions right into talking about the episode, pretty much scene by scene until about an hour and twenty minutes. I really enjoy this podcast and I’m thrilled to see new episodes in my podcatcher app, I’m sure if there were two new episodes this would have been about how I loved both episodes. I’m not sure if I have ever heard an episode of this podcast that I haven’t loved.

Listen to Episode #613 of Gilmore Guys below.