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Hear This Podcast – Theresa Nightingale

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Who likes to get high? Who likes to get high and listen to podcasts? I’m going to assume that a lot of you answered yes. It’s okay, no one’s judging. It’s 2016, I think we can all be adults about the subject of cannabis use at this point. With that being said, I will introduce our podcast reviewer for this week’s Hear This Podcast article, Theresa Nightingale.

NORML Women's allience, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh norml, NORML Epicast, Podcast, Hear This PodcastTheresa Nightingale is a little bit of a pot celebrity in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. Theresa not only helps run the Pittsburgh chapter of NORML, she also runs The Pittsburgh NORML Women’s Alliance. If you live in Pittsburgh or in the great state of Pennsylvania, then you probably saw Theresa in the publicized sit-in protest at the Pennsylvania State Capitol building back in February fighting to get medical marijuana use passed in the state of PA. It didn’t happen then, but Gov. Wolfe did sign Senate Bill 3 in April and soon a lot of sick people will be able to enjoy the amazing health benefits of cannabis. I included a ton of links if you would like to read more about that subject. On top of being a super active member of PGH NORML & thePittsburgh, Pittsburgh NORML, NORML, Hear THis Podcast, Epicast PNWA, Theresa is also a mother and a cancer survivor. So she knows first hand of the benefits of medical marijuana. If you would like to learn more about this hardworking, death-defying, marijuana mommy activist go listen to her appearance on episode #29 of the Drinking Partners podcast she did alongside her husband Patrick Nightingale (head of the Pittsburgh NORML chapter).

high times, pittsburgh, pittsburgh norml, epicast, hear this podcastDid I forget to mention she was also crowned Miss High Times in March of 2013? I guess this would be a good opportunity to bring up the podcast she was so nice to review and recommend for us all, Blazin’ with Bobby Black. This is a brand new podcast that just recently launched and it’s dope! Literally. Bobby Black is the former senior editor of High Times magazine! This guy reports on marijuana and the marijuana consumer lifestyle for a living and now he has a podcast. I was very excited when I found out that Theresa brought us a pot podcast, the United States is on the brink of a reefer revolution and now I can Blazin with bobby black, podcast, epicast, Pittsburgh, Hear This Podcastkeep up with it as it happens. This podcast isn’t just for ganja advocates, It’s just downright entertaining for everyone. Well, maybe not for kids, if you’re a smokin’ soccer mom, maybe wait to hit play until after you dropped the kids off at practice. Everyone else, spark one up, smash that subscribe button and enjoy.


Do you like Cannabis? If so then I have a dope podcast for you. Let me get this torch ready and I’ll tell you why you should tune into Blazin’ With Bobby Black.

 Every week the former High Times senior editor welcomes a special guest to discuss matters that interest cannabis connoisseurs. Some of the various topics that have been discussed so far have included music, politics, cultivation, processing, genetics, activism, and the stoner lifestyle.
He recently interviewed fellow marijuana activist Evan Nison. When Nison isn’t advocating for cannabis consumers he is working with Whoopi Goldberg developing medicated lotions, creams, and tinctures for their company Whoopi and Maya. These products were created for women and for women’s health issues like menstrual cramps and stress.
My personal favorite episode was when comedian Ben Vitoff came on the show. They spent an entire episode talking all things geek. I’m a pretty big comic book fan and Star Wars nerd so it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. They also touched on some serious issues such as what ingestion method is best for getting ‘scared high’ at the movies and the origin story of the popular strain Strawberry Cough.
If you want to stay up on all things weed then you should definitely turn on, tune in, and drop out every Tuesday at 4:20EST.

Blazin’ with Bobby Black is hosted by Revolver Podcasts and we are unable to embed their audio. So click here, go listen to episode 17 and let us know what you think in the comments.