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Hear This Podcast – Joe Coohill

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Professor Buzzkill, Epicast, podcast, history, pittsburgh,Joe Coohill is better known as the host of Professor Buzzkill, one of Epicast’s most popular shows. Professor Buzzkill explores historical myths (and history in general) in an illuminating, entertaining, and humorous way. Coohill was a college professor for many years, but is much happier now that he works in show business!

For this issue of Hear This Podcast, Joe tells us all about Morning Joe, the podcast version of MSNBC’s popular morning news show. In particular, he highlights the episode that discussed the 2016 New York Presidential Primary.

I like MSNBC’s Morning Joe podcast with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. It’s a morning news show that has often takes a biting and cynical Morning Joe, msnbc, news, podcastlook at the politics of the day. They get some of the very best political commentators on the show, such as Mark Halperin, Eugene Robinson, Mike Barnicle, and Katty Kay. Morning Joe not only gets me up to speed to start the day, it also conveys a great deal of depth about the morning news. It’s not shallow at all.

In terms of timing, it’s perfect. It airs very early in the morning, so I’m able to learn right away if there’s a history-related story breaking that we can turn into one of our Pre-Dawn Raids. I’m then able to listen to news for the rest of the day already informed of the most important things that have happened.

A perfect example is the episode they did the morning after the 2016 New York primary. Morning Joe was one of the very few shows that remained skeptical about the demise of Trump, the rise of Bernie, and the inevitability of Hillary. Therefore they were able to give us very high quality analysis of that primary and the election in general.

I also like the podcast of my old grad school chum, Rachel Maddow. And, next to Epicast, my favorite podcast network is Slate Magazine. Their range of news and commentary is fantastic.

Unfortunately the Morning Joe podcast is hosted in a way that won’t allow us to embed the episode that Joe reviewed. They also only allow you to listen to the most current episode, but here is a  link to their Itunes page if you would like to subscribe to their podcast.