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Hear This Podcast – Meg Evans

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Rock bottom brewery, Brewery, Pittsburgh, Epicast, Hear This PodcastIt’s been a little while, but we’re back with a brand new Hear This Podcast and this one is for all you beer fans out there. This week we’re featuring a review from our good friend Meg Evans from Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewing. Meg is the head brewer at the Drinking PArtners, Rock Bottom Brewery, Pittsburgh, epicast, Podcast, ComedyPittsburgh Rock Bottom Brewery. Coming from Rivertowne Brewery & Southern Tier, she has been shaking things up and really making a splash in the craft beer world of Pittsburgh, Pa. She even brought the Drinking Partners out for a live podcast to release the Apis meadery Collaboration. That episode should be releasing soon, so keep an eye out for that. Rock Bottom hosts weekly events listed on the Craft Beer Network.

Sour Hour podcast, Podcast, The brewing network, Epicast, Pittsburgh, Rock Bottom breweryThis week Meg brings us the Sour Hour podcast hosted on the Brewing Network. The Brewing Network is a podcast network that solely focuses on beer! All you beer nerds probably just adjusted your pants a little, it’s okay, I did too. You heard right, 8 different podcasts with one common theme, beer! With Sour beers exploding across America, I The Brewing Netowrkcan understand why the Sour Hour show is gaining in popularity so quickly.


If you want to learn more about Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery check out their socials at @RockBottom_pgh. If you want to learn more about sour beers. Hit that subscribe button and tune into the Sour Hour podcast on the Brewing Network.

You should check out this podcast called Sour Hour hosted on the Brewing Network. It’s hosted by Jay Goodwin – owner of the Rare Barrel Brewery and Scott “Moscow” Moskowitz – Producer/Host with Brewing Network. The Sour Hour is a weekly podcast designed to be an archive of information related to all things sour, funky and wild when it comes to beer.

Sour/wild beer is becoming increasingly popular in the beer industry and it’s not slowing down any time soon. Many brewers are challenged in a whole new way, which has become the catalyst for all the excitement around these beers.

The Sour Hour covers topics ranging from techniques of brewing sour/wild beers, blending sour/wild beers, conditioning these beers as well as, yeast blends that people use. These guys have hosted an incredible amount of informative guests like Lauren Salazar – Beer Blending Goddess from New Belgium Brewery, Chad Yakobson AKA “Godfather of Brettanomyces” – Owner/Head Brewer at Crooked Stave and Jean Van Roy – Brewmaster of Cantillon. I can’t stress enough that these are just a few of the many amazing guests. I’m still blown away.

I have to recommend starting on Episode 2. Jay and Moscow host Lauren Salazar for the first time on the show. She is full of interesting career anecdotes along with a wealth of sour beer knowledge. Certainly one of my favorite people to hear speak about beer.

Whether you wanted to nerd out about beer or learn something new about the beer industry, this podcast is for you.

Listen to episode #2 of the Sour Hour podcast on the Brewing Network and let us know what you think in the comments below.