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Race To The Coffin, Pittsburgh, Comedy, Epicast, Podcast, The MOTHFor this issue of the Hear This Podcast, John Dick Winters tells us about the Moth podcast. John Dick Winters is a professional stand-up comedian, Show promoter, Festival organizer, and award-winning storyteller. John is one of the founding members of the Race To The Coffin promotional company/motley crew of hilarious comics. If you see the Race To The Coffin logo on a flyer, you can count on it being a punishingly funny show. Attending an RTTC show will ignite a desire to go out and consume as much live comedyComedy Roulette, Race To The Coffin, Pittsburgh, Comedy, Epicast, Podcast, The MOTH as this city can produce. One of my favorite shows that John produces is called Comedy Roulette. Comedy Roulette is a monthly, rotating theme comedy show. Which means, John sets new parameters and themes for every show. John and friends have roasted Batman, done comedy in their underwear, recorded sets for festival submissions, and slurred their way through a sober/drunk show. In fact, you can go see the next Comedy Roulette on 8/19, this month’s show features Shane Torres a national headliner that just performed on Conan O’Brien. If you’re reading this after the fact, click here and pick an event.

The Moth, Pittsburgh, Comedy, podcast, EpicastJohn is a great storyteller, He’s a Moth grand champion storyteller to be precise. which may explain his podcast recommendation. This week John reviewed The Moth podcast. You’re probably saying out loud right now “What does storytelling have to do with those stupid bugs that are obsessed with cooking themselves to death on my front porch light bulb?” Who knows, but with the reputation that the Moth series has, including over 30The Moth, Pittsburgh, Epicast, Podcast million downloads and a NY Times best-selling book, they don’t really need to explain themselves, now do they?

If you want to hear more about John Dick Winters check out episode #10 of the Drinking Partners. If you love hearing true stories that are both fascinating and captivating, fall in line with the other 30 million Moth podcast downloaders and smash that subscribe button. If you want to see John Dick Winters’ comedy, there are plenty of opportunities, he is consistently booked or booking a show somewhere in Pittsburgh. Just google him, It’s not exactly a common name.


I have a dirty little secret. I don’t really listen to podcasts. There are so many of them and there are so many shows to watch on Netflix, so what’s a boy to do? A lot of comics listen to podcasts when they’re on the road but I stick with books on tape and the same 4 punk records I’ve been listening to for the past 20 years. But there is one podcast that is close to my heart; The Moth. The Moth, however, is much more than a podcast. Primarily, it’s a storytelling show that happens at least once a month in 25 cities internationally. It’s a show full of amateur and expert yarn spinners. It’s intimate, passionate, hilarious, heart-wrenching and at times boring:) But the Moth has done nothing short of change my life for the better.

You see, I’m a Moth Grand Champion! Which doesn’t mean much, to be honest. It basically means that I got a free hooded sweatshirt and my story was played on NPR. Which is cool. I can’t find the link to the episode but TRUST ME I’M FAMOUS. The exposure I’ve gained from the Moth has been lovely but more significantly are the relationships I’ve garnered and the skill set as a storyteller I’ve honed over the past 3 years.

I have many of my Moth stories available on YouTube but I’m sharing one of my favorite stories from one of my favorite comedians, Tig Notaro. Please enjoy! And check out the Moth every first Tuesday here in Pittsburgh at the Rex Theater. I’ll be there telling a story and probably working the door while drinking heavily. Say hi.

The Moth, Pittsburgh, Comedy, podcast, EpicastListen to this featured story from the Moth now and let us know what you think in a comment below.