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Hear This Podcast – Jamie Wooldridge

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Jamie Wooldridge submitted multiple podcast reviews when I asked him to do an issue of Hear This Podcast. I don’t know if it’s his neurotic obsessive-compulsive disorder that he may or may not have orDoes this hold up, podcast, pittburgh, movie review, epicast just his love for seeking out amazing shows, but this guy submitted three podcast reviews! So this week we’re featuring another Hear This Podcast review from Jamie Wooldridge… good thing he has great taste in podcasts.

If you don’t remember Jamie Wooldridge, he’s one-half of the Does This Hold Up Podcast. A movie review comedy podcast that will keep you laughing through the entire episode. I’ll give you a couple episodes to get you started; Episode 127 – Rocky live w/ mitch fatel and danny charnley or episode 99 – True Romance w/ Felipe Esparza, In case you’re not familiar.

For this issue of Hear This Podcast Jamie reviewed a different kind of podcast than we’re used to reporting on. This podcast goes by the name of The Mental Illness Happy Hour. Comedian Paul R. Gilmartin is the host of MIHH and every episode Paul interviews Metnal Illness Happy Hour, Paul Gilmartin, epicast, pittsburgh, podcastdifferent artists, friends, and doctors. Topics usually focus on mental illness, dealing with mental illness, his guest’s experiences, the impact of diagnosis, treatment, and more. He states very clearly on his website’s homepage and at the beginning of every episode that “The Mental Illness Happy Hour is NOT a substitute for professional diagnosis or treatment.”Paul Gilmartin, mental illness happy hour, podcast, epicast, pittsburgh

So far every episode that I have listened to has been incredibly compelling and I consistently stay tuned in from start to finish of each episode. With episode titles like “Religious Abuse” and guests that have suffered first hand from life crippling depression you’ll find yourself running through a lot of episodes pretty fast. This is definitely one you should hit the subscribe button for, I did.


Next time you are having a bad day, or not feeling so good about yourself.  When you are looking for something to lift your spirits or brighten your mood. Don’t grab the bottle, or pop a pill, give a podcast a chance to turn things around.  “The Mental Illness Happy Hour” with Paul Gilmartin.

Just like the title says it’s a journey inside the world of mental illness. Every episode the host Paul Gilamrtin welcomes a guest who is either an expert on the topic or someone who is currently suffering from a disorder or disease. It’s utterly fascinating. They spend the hour describing different conditions and relating what it’s like to live with or be effect by them. It has given me a new respect for people who are troubled with things that you cannot physically see.  We all have that person or people in our lives who are a little off for lack of a better term or withdrawn. I honestly believe this show can help.

You will definitely recognize Paul he was the host of TBS’s ”Dinner and a Movie”, it was on TV from 1996 to 2008. I’m guessing you caught an episode.  His own story is captivating and its own reason to listen to the show.

A good episode to try is #245 where Paul interviews Anneke Lucas. She is a survivor of a pedophile ring in Europe, who now shares her story to help family that may be effected by this or any type of abuse.

The show has an amazing website  Not only can you listen to new episodes there, you can submit a survey to be read on the show anonymously. The survey asks all types of questions about your mental health.  From biggest fears and guilty pleasures to everyday things that cause you anxiety.  There are forums to read and join along with all of the social media links.

While most podcast I listen to are comedy or pop culture driven, this one is special.  Listening to the guests or Paul share their stories is a totally different experience.  Please give it a chance I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Listen to an episode of The Mental Illness Happy Hour now and let us know what you thought in the comments!
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