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Does This Hold Up, Movie review, podcast, epicast, pittsburghJamie Wooldridge is one-half of the Does This Hold Up podcast. A comedy podcast where Jamie and his brother TJ review old movies and tell their listeners if the movie still holds up or if we were all just passengers on a hype train fueled by our adolescent hormones and gutter seated minds. With 150 episodes in the bank, most likely Jamie and TJ have sat down, watched, and tore apart your favorite Nicholas cage action flick with zero regards for your childhood attachments. Don’t worry, they will make you fall out of your chair laughing while doing it.  If you like reliving all those trips to Family Video, and you never minded being kind and rewinding for the next guy, then I would highly recommend subscribing to Does This Hold Up immediately. Surf Ninjas, Movie, Does This Hold Up, Epicast

Back on Episode #91 of Does This Hold Up Jamie and TJ were nice enough to invite Buzzy and I to be guests on their show and to review one of the greatest movies ever made – Surf Ninjas! I’m sure you can guess that the DTHU guys didn’t give this movie an INCH! We had a ton of fun and plenty of laughs hanging out with Jamie and his brother TJ and I highly suggest you check out the episode even if you’ve never heard of the movie.

Does This Hold Up, Epicast, Movie review, PodcastKnowing that Jamie loves podcasting and is an avid podcast listener. I knew he would be a perfect candidate for this week’s HTP. Let me tell you, Jamie did not disappoint! Read on and find out why Get Up On This podcast is a must subscribe for anyone that loves being turned on to new stuff in all things pop culture.

Is there any way a 40-year-old, father of 3, who lives in rural Pennsylvanian could stay up to date with all thing pop culture? Turns out there is. By listening to “Get Up On This” a podcast that is available on the EarWolf Network, not only am I up on things a lot of the time I’m ahead of the curve.

Every Tuesday co-hosts Jensen Karp and Matthew Robinson drop a new episode and let the rest of us know about the latest in Music, Movies, TV Get Up On THis, Podcast, Ear Wolf, Epicast NEtworkShows, Apps, or anything that deserves some of the public’s attention.  They are kind of like those really cool kids you went to high school with. The ones who always knew what new band was about to pop or which sneaker was going to be the next must have.

The format of the show is really easy to understand bring in two things you believe will be become popular at some point in the near future. Most of the time the picks have been spot on like “Chance the Rapper” they started talking about him in early 2013 when he only had 5000 twitter followers.  Jensen even brought him to LA and financed his first music video. Somehow these two have a finger on the pulse of what’s next for all of us.  

Another really exciting part of the show are the fan submitted theme songs. Anyone who listens can submit a theme song or a stinger for different segments of the show.  Pittsburg’s very own William Giovanni has been heavily featured, and another fixture of the show Sean Collins (the batman of rap) has even gotten some attention from Eminem’s record label.  Listen to an episode just for some amazing original music.

You would think at some point the guys would run out of picks or new items to talk about. Well just the opposite has happened.  The show has gone completely meta and developed a podcast within the podcast called “Get Up Off This”.  Once a month they tell us things to stop enjoying and replace them with much cooler things. For example quit using plastic water bottles and switch to glass bottles.  

Sometimes it feels like this show is shaping my own person taste, but then again I’m old and live out in the middle of nowhere and could use some help. So in honor of the show my get up on is……. the podcast called “Get Up On This”.   

Follow Jamie and Does This Hold Up on twitter at @jwooldridge19  &  @DoesThisHoldUp

Follow the Get Up On This podcast crew at @JensenClan88, @MrMattRobinson, & @GetUpOnJensen

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