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Hear This Podcast – Ian Insect

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Ian Insect, Pittsburgh, Epicast, podcast, PurrcastWelcome to another issue of Hear This Podcast. This week we bring you a podcast from so far out in left field some wouldn’t even consider it in the same stadium that everyone else is playing ball in. Ian Insect is our reviewer and if you live under a rock you Ian Insect is evil, Purrcast, Epicast, Pittsburgh, Podcastshould still probably be aware of who this guy is (he’s probably performed there). Ian Insect seamlessly glides back and forth across the entertainment spectrum. From hosting his own podcast, Ian Insect Is evil, to performing in a drunk interpretation of the classic works of shake spear, this guy can do it all. Including, picking up a ukelele in the middle of his set and performing a duet of a David Bowie song. Try and find your way out of the house this week and in a seat that’s pointed at Ian Insect, you won’t be disappointed.

Purrcast, Podcast, Epicast, Pittsburgh, cats, Ian Insect

He certainly didn’t disappoint me with this week’s podcast review. This one is for the furball lovers out there. It’s time you get acclimated with a new kind of show in the podcast stratosphere. Introducing the Purrcast! If the creators of string and laser pointers haven’t cashed in on the potential sponsorship opportunities available here, then they don’t fully understand the term “target marketing”. Every episode of this show is literally just 3 to 4 minutes of cats purring, but it’s strangely addictive and I find myself having a hard time not seeing an episodeall the way through til the end.

Purrcast, Epicast, Podcast, PittsburghSo If you’re a human that frequently suffers from feline separation anxiety or you’re just looking for a brief escape from your sterile office environment, then I highly suggest clicking that subscribe button. The Purrcast will have you day dreaming of happy little purr machines in no time! If you’re interested in experiencing something different in every definition of the word, I highly suggest getting your butt to an Ian Insect event or subscribe to his podcast hosted right here on the Epicast Network. Here’s a few of Ian’s upcoming dates that you shouldn’t sleep on – Aug 18th through the 20th, 26th & 27th – Much A-Brew About Nothing – Drunken Shakespeare at Hambones & Sep. 3rd Playtime Cabaret at Mr. Smalls Funhouse with Holly DeVyne.

The podcast I’ve selected to review for Hear This Podcast this week is Purrcast (purrcast.com). You see the title and immediately understand two things. One: it’s about cats, no surprise there. Two: it’s a poor attempt at a punny title that missed the mark. You are wrong. This podcast is literally (tempted to write litter-ally) nearly three dozen episodes of close-mic’ed (tempted to write mice-ed) purring cats worked up into a frenzy of contentment.

Maybe that seems like a one-note joke, but it’s really not. There are a lot of fun nuances to the series. Each episode features a different cat and, aside from a fanfare of opening music, there isn’t anything else. Sometimes, the cats repeat but that’s sort of interesting to see if you can notice any difference in their purrs. Each episode is punctuated by a picture of the cat, several of whom are foster cats waiting to be permanently homed. The humans who run the podcast are active with BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter) and make sure to to give shout outs, insights and occasional advice in an accompanying blog.

This right here is the easy listening of podcasts. This could replace your white noise machine at night. The episodes themselves are fairly short, rarely exceeding the five minute mark. The replay value is very high, though.

I am easily distracted. Shiny things, slimy things, sparkly things, dull things, things that don’t exist, ambient noise and people talking. So, podcasts tend to be a challenge for me to dedicate myself to. Even the most popular and engaging ones require massive effort when I can occasionally muster it. In deciding on a podcast to review, I had to take that into consideration. I thought about investigating podcasts more focused on Animal Rights (ARZone) or mental wellness (Anxiety Guru), but this was the only podcast I could leave on without my finger itching to jump around or find more source material.

Since it’s the dawn of the podcast era, there are very few hard and fast rules and a lot of people dive right in, since it’s an opportunity to discuss our own passions and opinions. This can be inspired or it can be… not so inspired. When scanning through different shows, it’s easy for them to blend into monotones of conversation. No matter how interesting the topic, most podcasts are about consumption–consumption of culture, digestion of events, actual consumption (not tuberculosis)–and analysis. Everyone’s got a point of view, so it’s hard to find newer podcasts that don’t already have some steam behind them. Even other animal podcasts veer into discussions of pet products or the latest in animal news. Purrcast is a fun and endearing deviation from the formula.

It’s a nice palate cleanser. It could seem disingenuous to present a review of a podcast so straightforward and so no-frills but I have to assume there is at least someone else like (and the team who created the podcast) who are enchanted by animals and find the concept of this podcast charming and the finished product pretty relaxing. Just imagine listening to this on your headphones walking down the street or on a bus. It may not be deep or incendiary, but Purrcast is a deceptively simple, great show.

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Listen to an episode of the Purrcast now and let us know what you think in the comments.