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The globe, News, Pittsburgh, EpicastSticking to the unintentional theme of asking professional writers to submit a podcast review for my unprofessionally written podcast review column, this week we bring you a recommendation from our good friend Iain Oldman. Iain is the Co-News Editor for The Globe, an official Point Park news publication along with being the editorial intern at PublicSource.org. PublicSource.org is the reason we know Iain. Public Source is an investigative news Public Source, Epicast, Pittsburgh, newsorganization with a focus on in-depth, informative journalism and they just moved right next door to the Epicast studios.

In the world of news and politics, it can be very difficult to wade through all the click bait, parody articles, opinionated blog posts and just blatant hate-fueled propaganda to ever fully feel like you can trust the source. I guess if you’re truly desperate to find out what’s happening on this planet you could turn on your TV and try to gain something from all those entertainment networks they disguise as “news outlets”. Personally, I pretty much rely on NPR to keep me informed on what is happening in the world. Iain just changed that for me, and hopefully for some of you.

Reveal, Epicast, Pittsburgh, Podcast, NewsFor this issue of Hear This Podcast, Iain reviews the Reveal podcast. Reveal is the radio show and podcast produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting. They cover a large array of topics but excel at investigative journalism and  story telling. I already addedIain oldman, publicsource, epicast, news Reveal to my roster of podcasts and if you’re looking for a new source of reliable, trustworthy journalism that you can digest on the way to work, then hit that subscribe button! Afterward, go to the Steel Curiosity Showcase at Trundle manor on July 15  and thank Iain for the fantastic podcast recommendation he just gave everyone. Did I mention that Iain does stand-up?

A noticeable, recurring theme from this election cycle has been the massive decry of the supposed “mainstream media”. Both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders supporters have accused the MSM of marginalizing or pushing out their candidates, and while I’m not here to confirm or invalidate that position, I can empathize with the opinion. If I got my news from the 24 hour cable news cycle I would be pretty upset, too.

Everyone should turn to independent, investigative news outlets for at least a portion of their news, and there are a bunch of really great podcasts you can tune into to serve this purpose.  The NPR Politics Podcast is a great podcast that does short roundups on a consistent basis, but I highly recommend the investigative journalism podcast Reveal.

Reveal is a show co-produced by The Center for Investigative Reporting and Public Radio Exchange, and together they produce important, inciteful and impactful reports. The hour-long show sometimes follows a similar format to This American Life or Home of the Brave, where a central issue is covered across multiple stories, and other times a single report will take over the full episode.

A fantastic episode I recommend starting on is Reveal’s report “Alleged cult leader plays shell game with US foreign aid”. The episode follows reporters Matt Smith and Amy Walters as they travel across the globe to find out if $100 million dollars of US taxpayer money earmarked to help the food crisis in Malawi is actually going into the private coffers of an Interpol fugitive. Smith and Walters spent close to a FULL YEAR on their investigation, covering Danish hippie communes, USDA agents in Kenya and a prominent Hillary Clinton fundraiser.

Reveal releases episodes on a weekly basis, producing excellent investigative, independent journalism. The American presidential election cycle can be as winsome as a rock with a turd painted on it, so if you ever find yourself burnt out by inflammatory editorials and “listicles” then I highly recommend this podcast as an enlightening palate cleanser.

Listen to an episode of Reveal now and let us know what you think in the comments.