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Hear This Podcast – Cat Bruno

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Cat Bruno
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is a published author with two fantasy books under her belt and a 3rd due out in the fall of 2016. She is probably best known for her Pathway of the Chosen series. Currently, two books have been released in the epic fantasy and her fans can’t wait for more. The stories follow a strong female protagonist named Bronwen that has been “god-touched” and has a lot to learn about her past.

If you subscribe to our Drinking Partners podcast then you’ve probably caught on to the fact that someone else has been writing the episode descriptions.Drinking-Partners This mysterious attention grabber is nonother than Cat Bruno lending us her amazing writing talents. She spends so much time analyzing and summarizing podcasts that I had to ask her to do an issue of Hear This Podcast. She reviewed the Real Time with Bill Maher podcast and she may have convinced me to subscribe.

For years, he was labeled as “politically incorrect,” even hosting a show boasting the title. Now, Bill Maher is more accessible, but no less controversial and opinionated, in his Real Time with Bill Maher podcast, easily available for those who do not have HBO, where Mr. Maher hosts his weekly, uncensored talk show.

Bill MaherThe podcast opens with a monolog  featuring a flurry of comedic punches thrown at Donald Trump. Maher continues by interviewing Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the Humane Society, about the disconnection Americans have with their food supply. With his cutting humor and sharp wit, Maher explores the concept of fair food sourcing with Mr. Pacelle, interweaving humorous anecdotes with incisive questions. It is this style, mixing intellect and entertainment, that has allowed Maher to outlast many of his peers. Even if one does not agree with Mr. Maher’s political views, acknowledging that he is well researched and dedicated would be hard to dispute.

For listeners who are more interested in newsworthy events, the third portion of the podcast features a rotating panel of journalists, celebrities, politicians, and activists. It is here that debate and conversation occur, and it is not always friendly. Journalists and authors Thomas Frank and Mark Liebovich join Kellyanne Conway (Ted Cruz fundraiser) and actor/director Rob Reiner for the roundtable discussion of the week’s latest news. Real Time guests often lean left, but Mr. Maher always includes at least one conservative panelist, enlivening what might otherwise be a conversation of consensus. But what Maher has done particularly well this season with his show and podcast is examine what it means to identify as liberal, and it is Maher himself, and not a Republican guest, who criticizes the Democratic Party with harsh, ridiculing honesty.

The closing minutes allow Maher to simply perform and amuse with his New Rules segment. Fast-talking through a series of suggestions, Maher shines the most here, relying on his history as a stand-up comic as he delivers snarky laughs.

For those who like their news and politics distributed with banter and jokes – and do not mind a clear progressive bias – Real Time with Bill Maher is an enjoyable and engaging listen. In addition, the podcast is available across many platforms, with a lengthy log of archived episodes. Free of charge, politically acute, and often contentious, Real Time with Bill Maher is never a dull hour.

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Listen to episode #386 of Real Time with Bill Maher below.