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Hear This Podcast – Brian SIKES Howe

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Start The Beat, Music, interview, podcast, pittsburgh, epicastYou may know Brian Howe as the host of the music focused interview podcast, Start The Beat hosted right here on the Epicast Network. Each week Brian sits down with a different musician, artist, festival coordinator or recording engineer to discuss daily interactions, musical opinions, and creative influences, just to name a few of the topics talked about on the show.

One particular episode that really stands out is episode #73 – Live from the Strip District Music Fest. Brian navigates a roundtable discussionStart The BEat, Pittsburgh, podcast, epicast, music, interview between some of Pittsburgh’s most legendary music elites, including Drew Donegan (Gene The Werewolf), Palermo Stone (Rare Nation), Dan Rock (World’s Scariest Police Chases), Max Kovalchuk (Nevada Color), Abby Krizner (Fist Fight In The Parking Lot) and Todd Porter (The Cheats).If you’re a music fan and love hearing what makes creative people tick, I highly recommend checking out this episode and hitting the subscribe button so you don’t miss any more intriguing interviews.

SIKES, the new violence, Hip hop, rap, pittsburgh, musicIf you Don’t know Brian Howe from his podcast than perhaps you know him as the frontman of Pittsburgh-based hip hop group SIKES & The New Violence. If you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know Greywalker, pittsburgh, music, metal, thrashSIKES & TNV, you may have seen Brian destroying basements and saving the world from evil talent stealing aliens in the “Trash” Metal band Greywalker. If not and you’re familiar with the Pittsburgh music scene in any way then you have most likely encountered one of Brian’s projects in one shape or another.

Being a podcaster himself, I felt it only appropriate that I reach out to Brian Radiolab, NPR, podcast, new, Epicastto find out what kind of podcasts he listens to and which ones he thinks you should be turned on to. For this issue of Hear This Podcast, Brian reviews an episode of the NPR show Radiolab called “K-popariazzi”. If you’re not familiar with National Public Radio, they are a non-profit news and media outlet that focuses on current national and international news. Including politics, the stock market, entertainment, health, and science. In between breaking news stories they play a lot of creative and very entertaining shows like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Car Talk, and the show that Brian reviewed, Radiolab. Radiolab is actually a really hard show to try to describe, AfterNPR, NAtional public radio, podcast, Radiolab, interview trying and failing multiple times I decided that the best way for you to get familiar with this show would be to just let you read what Brian wrote about it and check out an episode. If you fancy yourself an “audiophile” I would definitely suggest hitting that subscribe button on your podcatcher.

If you don’t already know me personally there are a couple things I need to make clear.

  1. I think the concept of the “guilty pleasure” is nonsense. If you like something and it makes you happy, own it.
  2. Regardless of my position as lead vocalist for a reasonably extreme Melodic Death Metal band, I love K-Pop.

With that being said, people will occasionally send me links to different K-pop songs and videos but it was my friend Krista who turned me onto this super rad episode of the Radiolab podcast called “K-poparazzi”. The episode is about how society & culture in South Korea has started to see a pretty dramatic change for the better thanks to the recent introduction of paparazzi in South Korea reporting “scandals” on K-Pop stars.

NOTE: By “recent” I’m talking 2010… aka ONLY 6 YEARS AGO. Before this there was no paparazzi in South Korea and the story of how it came to be is super captivating.

Radiolab’s “K-poparazzi” is a really entertaining and informative piece on the way the entertainment industry is ran in South Korea as well as the obsessively rabid yet surprisingly respectful manner in which the public consumes it. I would recommend this episode to anyone with an interest in sociology, pop culture, foreign studies and of course… K-Pop.

Give it a listen and come ask me for some K-Pop recommendations when you’re finished. I know you’re gunna want some.

Listen to RadioLab’s K-Poparazzi now.

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