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Hear This Podcast – Alex Stypula

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Alex Stypula, Pittsburgh, comedian, podcastAlex Stypula is…a comedian. He gets paid to make people laugh, and he’s one of the best and one of the most creative the city of Pittsburgh has to offer. Alex  has many credits i could list, so I’m going to. He was the winner of the Gilda’s Club Best Comic in Pittsburgh, he has performed at Fest in Gainesville, Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Scruffy City Festival, Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, and the Pittsburgh Comedy Festival. He  was featured on the cover of the Pittsburgh City Paper.  I once witnessed him embody a loud mouth, NASCAR Lovin’, wife beatin’, man of the south for the first 20 minutes of his set and kill! Absolutely crush! After his set, I asked him if it was character he’s been working on. He told me that he “just felt like doing it”. So, what I’m trying to say is if you have the opportunity to catch Alex Stypula while he’s still a regular in the Pittsburgh comedy scene, do it! In fact, Alex will be recording his first comedy album June 11th at Club Cafe. Go see him then!

If you’re a Does This Hold Up fan then you’re very familiar with Alex’s brand of humor. You may have even heard him on the drinking partners Live Alex Stypule, Drinking PArtners, Epicast, Pittsburgh, Podcastat Hitchhiker Brewing episode. Since Alex loves being a guest on podcasts so much, I thought, maybe he likes listening to podcasts as well. Surprise, Surprise, he does! Alex also really enjoys science, so it’s not a surprise that he would review a podcast that incorporates science and comedy.

Star Talk, Neil Degrass Tyson, Pittsburgh, podcast, epicast, Alex StypulaAlex chose to review StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson. StarTalk features the incredibly witty and entertaining Neal Degrass Tyson, who also happens to be an American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator (taken straight from his Wikipedia). You should probably be aware of who Neal Degrass Tyson is by now if you’re reading this article. I’ll let Alex introduce you to his podcast.



I love Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  I love science, and comedy.

In his podcast StarTalk, which he cohosts with Chuck Nice, NDT discusses different issues in science each episode.  He often has comedians on though to give it a little flavor.  What I like most about it is that it’s always entertaining, as much as I’m interested in science some podcasts out there are just too damn dry.
In many of the live podcasts the scientists will try to keep up with the comedians quip for quip, and they often fall flat, sometimes quite awkwardly.  Sometimes the scientists say something with the intention of being funny that is so bad you can feel the entire audience cringe!  They’re still super smart though so when they really get going on what they know best it’s a real treat to listen to.  Overall it’s just a nice balance between truly engaging scientific discourse and quality laughs.
Listen to this episode of StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson now and let us know what you think in the comments!