Grownup Human Comic People is a podcast recorded in the middle of a comic book store located in the heart of the Historic South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. We discuss comics, movies, TV, pop culture, and other media, hopefully in entertaining and thought-provoking ways. We also drink. And Swear. Fair warning.


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Volume 2, Episode 26

Fuck neighbors who don’t use their own driveway, but insist on taking up street parking. The books are Underwinter and The Damned – Chapter One, which Jared most definitely DID read. #tolerance …

Volume 2, Episode 25

This one starts off with a rousing debate about which film is superior: Alien or Aliens. The correct answer is Aliens, because the person writing this synopsis is Jared, and Dan and I …

Volume 2, Episode 24

This episode starts with a fart. This is not the kind of podcast that deals in fake farts. Only real ones. The books are Divinity, Redline, and Crime Destroyer. #beyondonehundredpercent #sorryspanish #toiletpeople #difficulttonegotiatewith …

Volume 2, LIVE! PRGx Special

The Humans come atcha live from the Pittsburgh Retro Gaming Convention! We sit down with Sikes and get nerdy as FUUU in the midst of a bunch of other nerds.  …

Volume 2, Episode 23

Another episode with the new format! Dan does a Chris List, and there’s talk of Iron Fist! The books are Fissure (heh heh) and Blood Blister. aftershock, becky, boobs, books, chris, comedy, comic, …

Volume 2, Episode 22

We got some feedback from you, the listener, and we’re trying out a new format! The Humans lash out at early reviewers, speculate as to what happened with Matt Fraction …

Volume 2 – Logan Special

Logan was fucking awesome. This is us talking about it. Check out this episode!

Volume 2, Episode 21

We’re more drunk than on the last episode! We talk a little about Legion, and a little about Santa Clarita Diet.  The books are The Power of the Dark Crystal, The Belfry, and The Old …

Grownup Human Comic People | Volume 2, Episode 20

We’re back! Sorry for the delay. Blame Gable. Everything is his fault. We have a brief stop-in from the guys at Pittsburgh Retro Gaming, and then we mostly talk a …

Grown Up Human Comic People | Volume 2, Episode 19

The Humans are still with Brian from Greywalker! The books are The Dregs, The Few, and Loose Ends.   #gentrification Check out this episode!

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