Grownup Human Comic People is a podcast recorded in the middle of a comic book store located in the heart of the Historic South Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. We discuss comics, movies, TV, pop culture, and other media, hopefully in entertaining and thought-provoking ways. We also drink. And Swear. Fair warning.


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Volume 2, Episode 34

The Humans talk to Chad from Black Yoga about how much jam bands suck (except Doom ones), Lollapalooza, and or course, sucking dicks. The book is Regression. #palmpuddle #bobandthewreckerheads #fuckjambands #anythinginamajorkeyisadisappointment …

Volume 2, Episode 33

Ziggy Sawdust is at the table, talking with the Humans about DC’s Batman/Flash crossover! #theflashismurderedandeveryoneismurdered #chriswouldratherbemurderedthanhavethetipofhispenisflicked Check out this episode!

Volume 2, Episode 32

The Humans welcome Ziggy Sawdust to the table!  The books are Rose and Eleanor and the Egret. #idontidentifyasastrangler #nobodytakesthetimetojerkoffbeforetheirfirstwish #rubthelamp #abrahamlincolnistechnicallyporn  Check out this episode!

Volume 2, Episode 31

Lot’s of werewolf stuff. The books are ‘Namwolf, Nick Fury, and There’s Nothing There. #herbedjizz #dabbingyourpeeunderyourarmpits #thousandsofpeopleareshittingthemselvesrightnow #namwalkerfeaturingclint  Check out this episode!

Volume 2, Episode 30

The Humans answer a question from Adam, and talk about the new World of the Worlds documentary on Netflix!  The books are Immortal Brothers and Swordquest. Check out this episode!

Volume 2, Episode 29

The Humans talk a little bit about Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, good and shitty video game movies, and Greg being a Ryan Gosling completist. Whatever that means. The books …

Volume 2, Episode 28

Greg talks about the Disturbed version of “The Sound of Silence”. What more must I say? The books are Masked, Cosmic Scoundrels, and Animal Noir. #gregdoesntrememberit Check out this episode!

Grownup Human Comic People | Volume 2, Episode 27

The Humans talk about the trailers for Thor 3 and The Last Jedi.  They also clearly define the difference between “stealing” and “pirating”. Pirating is cooler. The books are The Damned (Chapter 2), AmeriKarate, and …

Volume 2, Episode 26

Fuck neighbors who don’t use their own driveway, but insist on taking up street parking. The books are Underwinter and The Damned – Chapter One, which Jared most definitely DID read. #tolerance …

Grownup Human Comic People | Volume 2, Episode 25

This one starts off with a rousing debate about which film is superior: Alien or Aliens. The correct answer is Aliens, because the person writing this synopsis is Jared, and Dan and I …

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