Aaron Kleiber, a nationally-touring stand up comedian and actor, emerged as one of the most in-demand acts, touring alongside Bob Saget, Jim Breuer, and Harland Williams. He has been seen on Nickelodeon, Gotham Comedy Live, Standup & Deliver, ABC, SyFy and dozens of commercials and feature films. He’s a frequent guest on “Doug Loves Movies” and the co-host of the film review podcast “You Can’t Handle the Truth.”


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At the packed @matt lightcomedy show! There's a belt hanging and a ladder and this... ift.tt/2mWvbM2 pic.twitter.com/0actmqkg6g

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Grown Dad Business – Mind Your Manners: The Heckler, Ep. 74

This week, Aaron & Jason tackle rude, terrible, horrible people without manners (wishing they could literally tackle them or fight them after the show in the parking lot). Rude people …

Grown Dad Business – Two Dads at the Home & Garden Convention: An Expose, Ep. 73

If you’ve ever wanted to commentary from two Dads walking thru a Home & Garden convention (you didn’t), look no further. Aaron & Jason take a walk thru two levels …

Grown Dad Business – We Don’t Get Snapchat, Ep. 72

You’re kids will all be on social media at some point – Aaron and Jason don’t get it. The Dads talk about Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and how your/our kids are …

Grown Dad Business: Selling Your House, Ep. 71

Aaron is selling his house, Jason is selling his mother-in-laws house. It’s never fun but it business you have to attend to sometime in your Grown Adult life. The Dads …

Grown Dad Business – Sports and Kids, Ep. 70

Does your kids play sports? Do you coach kids? Aaron & Jason chat about some of their experiences with their own kids and sports, growing up playing sports and coaching …

Grown Dad Business: Valentine’s with our Wives, Ep.69

Finally, Aaron & Jason convince THEIR WIVES to join the podcast! After much wine, they take turns interviewing each other about how they met their loves and each tell their …

Grown Dad Business: Dad’s Weekend Ep. 68

Dad’s need to get away and do Dad stuff, so Aaron & Jason take a road trip to South Carolina where Aaron is performing at the beautiful Kiawah Island Golf …

Grown Dad Business: Movie Dads, Ep.67

Who was your favorite movie dad?? Aaron and Jason list their top ten favorite movie Dads (one tv Dad, a couple animated Dads) along with the top 5 worst movie …

Grown Dad Business: The Car Episode, Ep.66

Do you remember your first car? Aaron & Jason do. Did you used to fix your own cars? Aaron did, Jason did not. Listen as the Dads reminisce about their …

Grown Dad Business: Moving Your Parents Out, Ep.65

You know you’re a grown up when you have to help your parents clean out their house because they’re moving into a senior highrise, into an assisted living home or …

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