A true crime comedy podcast with Lena Berry and Alex Stypula. Each week they dive into a horrific crime and try to wring out a bit of humor from some of the darkest aspects of humanity. Sometimes Lena hosts, sometimes Alex does, either way you’ll experience a twisted journey through some of the darkest humor this side of Ed Gein’s house. Alex and Lena are longtime friends who only recently discovered their shared love of true crime and had to do a podcast about it.

Newest Podcasts and News

Give Me Murder #61 – Aliens? Maybe.

We discuss the Travis Walton “alien abduction” and a whole bunch of other stuff this episode.  That abduction (very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very) probably did not happen.  …

Give Me Murder #60 – Cannibalism 201: Continuing Education

More cannibalism stuff, we know you love it (do you?).  This is a pretty rip roarin’ damn fun episode, pardon our 5 minute aside about religion and the peril of …

Give Me Murder #59 – Richard Speck

Did Mark Wahlberg do 9/11?  Mostly the episode is about Richard Speck though, most of you probably know who he is, if not it’s pretty bad. Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #58 – La Guillotine

GUYS WE’RE SO SORRY!!!  We know it’s been almost a month since our last episode, we had to live our stupid lives.  We also know our stupid lives will end …

Give Me Murder #57 – The Highway of Tears

Lena discusses Canada’s problems with its high rate of indigenous women who have been murdered over the decades, and specifically one stretch of highway in British Columbia.  The hosts also …

Give Me Murder #56 – Budd Dwyer

A Pennsylvania legend, if you’ve never heard of him you’re in for a horrible treat.  If you have heard of ol’ Budd stay tuned for our chat about PA potato …

Give Me Murder #55 – Dahmer

Yeah, Dahmer.  This was a birthday gift from Lena to Alex.  Alex’s favorite serial killer on his birthday.  Also sorry haha lol (kidding for real sorry) we didn’t release an …

Give Me Murder #54 – Never Love Anyone

The Jodi Arias story, she stalked, harassed, and ultimately murdered her ex-boyfriend.  You can kinda hear a band in the background because our new studio is in a warehouse with …

Give Me Murder #53 – 1000 Murders?

Was there a 16th century German cave dweller/robber/murderer who claimed 964 victims?  No one really knows, but we sure talk about it! Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #52 – Edmund Kemper

We talk about one of America’s most infamous serial killers Ed Kemper, the Coed Killer.  Many of you are probably familiar with this case, but come along with us as …

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