A true crime comedy podcast with Lena Berry and Alex Stypula. Each week they dive into a horrific crime and try to wring out a bit of humor from some of the darkest aspects of humanity. Sometimes Lena hosts, sometimes Alex does, either way you’ll experience a twisted journey through some of the darkest humor this side of Ed Gein’s house. Alex and Lena are longtime friends who only recently discovered their shared love of true crime and had to do a podcast about it.

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@mariabarber Oh boy I could go on about that for a while, basically I'm a hardline skeptic, maybe I'll address my thoughts on it more in depth in a future episode

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Give Me Murder #29 – The Winchester Idiot House (And More!!)

The Winchester Mystery house, is it actually a mystery?  No.  At least not according to Alex.  If you like when Alex hates something you will love this episode, and vice …

Give Me Murder #28 – The Heilbronn Phantom

This we recount the tale of a mysterious female serial killer that haunted Germany for over 15 years.  There are lots of twists and turns in this one as well …

Give Me Murder #27 – Meatballs and Murder (Belle Gunness)

Gravy, meatballs, murder.  November is upon us and Thanksgiving approaches so what better time to talk about these 3 Norwegian-American pasttimes.  That makes no sense of course but neither does …

Give Me Murder #26 – Halloween’s Cancelled

It’s our extra double special (or whatever the hell I say in the episode) Halloween episode!  We wanted to pick something extra gruesome and weird that took place around Halloween, …

Give Me Murder #25 – Murder House on the Prairie

The Bloody Benders – a family (but were they?) of 4 is suspected of upwards of 20 murders on the Kansas frontier in the 19th century.  This episode is all …

Give Me Murder #24 – Anthony Family Values

Sorry for the late posting!  We’ve had some technical issues in the form of busy lives and vacations and standup comedy tours, but who cares we’re all gonna die right …

Give Me Murder #23 – Whoops! Failed Assassination Attempts

Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #22 – Ghosts Can’t Be Scary if They’re Not Real

We got ghost stories!  Lena provides with a real treat of some pretty cool stories that Alex obnoxiously takes to task.  If you believe in ghosts you might hate Alex, …

Give Me Murder #21 – L’Affaire des Poisons (Yep It’s French)

The Affair of the Poisons, it’s just like it sounds!  Affairs, poisons, and guess what also magic and spells and whatnot.  And don’t forget about the murder, so much murder. …

Give Me Murder #20 – Never Take a Cruise

Lena brings us two sad and compelling stories of disappearances on cruise ships.  Never go on a cruise, only bad things happen, and Disney is evil. Check out this episode!

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