A true crime comedy podcast with Lena Berry and Alex Stypula. Each week they dive into a horrific crime and try to wring out a bit of humor from some of the darkest aspects of humanity. Sometimes Lena hosts, sometimes Alex does, either way you’ll experience a twisted journey through some of the darkest humor this side of Ed Gein’s house. Alex and Lena are longtime friends who only recently discovered their shared love of true crime and had to do a podcast about it.

Newest Podcasts and News

Give Me Murder #73 – New Year’s Necrophilia El Tercero: the Truest Crime

More necrophilia, more rambling, thank you for listening we love you.  Pump away. Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #72 – New Year’s Necrophilia Part Deux

Necrophilia + lots of banter = one hour closer to the great beyond.  Enjoy. Check out this episode!

Give Me Murder #71 – New Year’s Necrophilia Pt. 1

Sorry guys, it’s the new year and we are experiencing a cold, gray, wintery desolation that hangs over every fiber of our very being.  So we rambled A LOT on …

Give Me Murder #70 – Happy Christmas/Sort of Bonus Episode 3

We hope you’re having a lovely holiday and the weight of existence isn’t bearing down on you.  It’s explained in the episode but Alex messed up and this was supposed …

Give Me Murder #69 – Blood Drinking Creep/Monster: John Brennan Crutchley

This is the story (that we occasionally get to amidst our incessant rambling [we truly can’t apologize enough for our existence]), of John Brennan Crutchley.  He was a man who …

Give Me Murder #68 – Murder Innit?

From 18th century England comes the story of a horrific child abuse murder.  As I forgot to do this at the beginning of the episode please take this as a …

Give Me Murder #67 – Los Hermanos Menendez

It’s the Menendez brothers!  Please enjoy our light analysis of the background leading up the crime as well as our usual nonsense.  Wow, THIS is a good episode, but obviously …

Give Me Murder #66 – Thankful for Witchcraft

The story of Alice Kyteler, a woman who was accused of witchcraft in 14th century Ireland.  Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful and you enjoy this episode, we love you. Check …

Give Me Murder #65 – West Memphis 3

Yeah I’m a bit drunk uploading this and this episode is kinda sad but we genuinely hope you enjoy it and please please please pledge to our patreon. Check out …

Give Me Murder #64 – Bizarro Deaths

Bizarro deaths, bizarro Lena & Alex recording on a Sunday, what does it all mean?  No one knows, let alone us.  Does anyone actually read these descriptions?  Shoot us an …

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