Drinking Partnerw #226 – Dan Dongilli | Cloud Cryotherapy

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Friend and guest host of the Drinking Partners, Dan Dongilli, revisits the studio to talk about his newest endeavor: Cloud Cryotherapy. As the name suggests, this new business in the Strip District offers Pittsburgh’s only cryotherapy treatment, which Ed and Day can’t seem to understand. Dan explains the anti-inflammatory results of the three-minute, -200 degrees session, combining the science behind the therapy in a way that listeners will be able make more sense of than the Drinking Partners, whose imaginations get the best of them when trying to picture the cryotherapy experience. Dan does a great job explaining how the treatment is beneficial for everyone, not just athletes, which makes Ed and Day examine their own health choices. What began as an alternative for auto-immune disorders and inflammation has expanded to include a range of treatments in a non-invasive and pharmaceutical-free way. True to themselves, Ed and Day interrupt with their own takes on cryotherapy, from requesting extra nitrogen to wondering about withdrawal. Dan happily addresses all their concerns, probably because he knows the Drinking Partners well enough to have known what to expect. A classic Drinking Partners interview, mixed with lots of information and even more jokes. Find out more about Cloud Cryotherapy: www.cloudcryo.com.

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