Drinking Partners – Rob Tod |Allagash Brewing

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In this special Drinking Partners release, Day visits Portland, Maine and interviews Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing, who literally pieced together and welded (from dairy equipment!) the original brewery in the mid 1990’s. The opening minutes have Mr. Tod discussing his early vision for Allagash and focus on the Belgian brewing tradition. Wondering which beers not to serve cold? Rob answers that and more during this detailed interview that offers inside access to brewing and business from one of the originals in the craft beer industry. Listeners will be surprised to hear how slowly Allagash developed, employing only four people after their first ten years. Why did Rob Tod persist? Midway, he answers that while describing the down moments that he struggled through to keep the brewery going and why he values his current employees so much. This newest Drinking Partners podcast with one of craft brewery’s best also highlights what the Drinking Partners do best: examine the industry from their own distinctive perspective and with humor and joy.

Listen, sit, and sip.