Drinking Partners | One Night in Miami | Live From City Theatre

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In this special episode, the Drinking Partners are live and hyped up from City Theatre with members of the cast and the director of One Night in Miami, a breakout play from Kemp Powers. Ed and Day are joined by director Reginald L. Douglas and actors Quincy Chad and Thomas Walker Booker in this energetic and triumphant interview live from the City Theatre’s lobby. Coming a short time after the masterful performance, the podcast carries on the vibe that the play invokes: one in which Black men are celebrated and their friendships honored. Based on a fictionalized evening in which friends Cassius Clay, Sam Cooke, Malcolm X, and Jim Brown gather in a hotel in Miami and muse about their lives as successful Black men and the varying stages of their careers, the play emphasizes their deep connections to one another while hinting at their futures. For the after-show interview, the Drinking Partners draw on this same connection as they investigate how the actors prepared for the roles and how Mr. Douglas allowed the actors to come into the parts from their own angles. In one significant exchange, Day asks about the “nuances of Blackness,” and the group takes part in an illuminating and joyful discourse that is also filled with laughter, which is reflective of the play as a whole. Listen in as Ed and Day show their own growth with keen questions about self-exploration and the business of acting, in addition to their usual feistiness. A must listen interview that rejoices in the exquisite art coming from the Black community. One Night in Miami runs through December 1, 2019. Purchase tickets at https://citytheatrecompany.org and use coupon code Drinking Partners for a discounted price.

Listen, sit, and sip.