Drinking Partners LIVE FROM FRESH FEST

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In this celebratory episode live from Fresh Fest Beer Fest, the Drinking Partners welcome Harlem Brewing owner and brewer Celeste Beatty, who Day praises as the “Beyonce of beer,” before asking if she has a lemonade brew. With such a fun and fast start, the energetic and vocal crowd readies for the Drinking Partners experience that delightfully develops and continues as Black Frog Brewery’s Chris Harris joins in. Both Ms. Beatty and Mr. Harris share stories of the innovative, yet difficult journeys involved in opening their breweries, with Ed and Day (unsurprisingly) interrupting with often-hilarious results. Midway through the interview, the panel examines the themes central to Fresh Fest and the connections and collaborations that can come about from sharing different culture’s brewing traditions. The episode concludes with a question and answer segment, one that highlights the knowledge and passion of the live audience. Inquiries range from the history of ancient brewing – Ms. Beatty is currently exploring recipes found on Egyptian papyruses – to community engagement. The interview only ends so that the festival can begin – a fitting transition after all that was discussed.

Listen, sit, and sip.