Drinking Partners – Farm To Table | For the Love of Pittsburgh

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In a live podcast recorded during Farm to Table’s For the Love of Pittsburgh event, the Drinking Partners are joined by guest co-host Knowledge Hudson and welcome a wide variety of voices. First up is Kit Mueller, Head of Community for Choolah Indian BBQ ? a fast, casual approach to contemporary Indian food located in East Liberty. An informative, quick-paced discussion centering on locally-sourced, healthy fast food is featured. Next is Ayana Jones, a self-proclaimed OG ? Original Gardener, CEO and founder of Sankofa Community Village Garden. With Ms. Jones, the Drinking Partners get passionate and inspired by her activism and commitment to community improvement. Stephanie Lauren and Safaa Bokahari of For Good Pgh are warmly welcomed to speak on the For Good mission, which is to help promote and create positive experiences for underserved Pittsburgh communities. Ms. Bokhari shares her involvement with Hello Hajib, which fashions doll-sized garments and seeks to increase awareness and compassion through play. The Drinking Partners fourth guest is Alexander Payton who is with Cherish Creamery, a goat farm that produces organic, aged in-house cheeses. Ed and Day loosen up here as they lose their restraint, and Ed admits that he refuses to drink any animal’s milk. Wrapping up the whirlwind podcast is Robert Havgar from Snake Eye Peppers, who speaks on his new venture that creates custom-made, pepper-based seasoning packages. The Drinking Partners wish to thank Farm to Table Pittsburgh for their continued support.

Listen, sit, and sip.