Drinking Partners #91 – Christian Simmons

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After a series of live podcasts, the Drinking Partners return to the studio and welcome Christian Simmons, founding owner of Pennsylvania Libations, a sales and distribution company that only features Pennsylvania-produced spirits. Mr. Simmons serves as a “brand ambassador” for over sixty companies and supplies bars and restaurants with locally made liquors and wines. While sipping on several of the products, Ed and Day listen as Mr. Simmons explains how his company began and the process of connecting local brands with a growing food and beverage industry. The discussion offers a wealth of insider knowledge as the group examines the chain of movement from distillery to glass and the importance of keeping spending locally based. In addition, the Drinking Partners learn the distinctive intricacies and unique properties that distinguish these Pennsylvanian spirits as superior products. Pennsylvania Libations, the only privatized company that sells all local liquors, will expand into its own storefront in the Strip District. For more information on how to support local distilleries, visit pennsylvanialibations.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.