Drinking Partners #84 – Douglas Derda

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In the opening minutes of the latest podcast, the Drinking Partners hilariously ponder if any of their listeners are churchgoing. During a particularly rowdy dialogue, Ed directly addresses Jesus, “You created a lot of this, fam. You gonna make the coolest shit illegal.” Appropriately enough, the Drinking Partners soon welcome drinking peer and host of the Should I Drink That podcast, Doug Derda. As host of one of the longest-running podcasts on craft beer, Mr. Derda offers a veteran view of the scene and shares tales of his experiences. The interview that follows shows how Should I Drink That paved the way for the Drinking Partners themselves. A must-listen for devoted craft beer drinkers, as two titans of beer podcasts join and discuss all angles of the culture, with amusing moments from beginning to end.

Listen, sit, and sip.