Drinking Partners #249 – Neil Glausier | Burgh’ers Brewing

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Day spends the opening minutes of the latest Drinking Partners podcast munching and mumbling as guest host Derek Minto does the heavy verbal lifting and welcomes Neil Glausier of Burgh’ers Brewing. Right away, the trio looks into how Burgh’ers Brewing models their business and focuses on a farm to table approach, from “happy cows” to neighborhood-centric burgers. As Day samples Head Chef Fiore Moletz’s Polish Hill burger, the group sips on an American light lager, the 1890 Lager, which allows Neil to detail how he brews in a thorough, informative manner. How do you get a beer to be clear and beautiful? It’s more difficult than you might think, but listen in for a truly brewing-centric conversation, including how to maintain an environmentally sustainable model and how the idealized image of brewing quickly dissolves once you begin to run a business. For those looking to get a brewery experience in these hard times, the interview offers a safe and informative alternative. Find Derek Minto at Burning Bridges Comedy Club and find Burgh’ers Brewing at www.burgherspgh.com

Listen, sit, and sip.