Drinking Partners #248 – Felicia Gillespie

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Comedian Derek Minto jumps right into guest hosting in Ed’s place as Day opens a care package from Troeg’s and Derek shares his envious thoughts. Fittingly the two comics welcome a third, nationally-touring Felicia Gillespie who opens up about her start in comedy at age 8! Listeners will enjoy the vibe created when three stand-up acts sip on barrel-aged beer and reflect on their approaches to the art of comedy. Even more interesting is when Felicia discusses being a “road comic” and what comes along with that choice, especially as a woman. The conversation never slows and the jokes continue to flow as Derek seamlessly co-hosts, and the emphasis stays true to the comedy half of the Drinking Partners show. Looking for a hint on how to be a good stand up comic? Derek tells listeners that you have to know how to perform, have a unique delivery, and be able to be concise. Felicia shares her own greatest advice: Not to take advice. A fantastic hour of entertainment to keep you sane during this trying times. Find Felicia Gillespie on Twitter: @curiousfelicia and Instagram @fel.ish.ah

Listen, sit, and sip.