Drinking Partners #246 – Jerry Dickinson

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The Drinking Partners welcome Jerry Dickinson, a constitutional law and property professor at the University of Pittsburgh and candidate for the Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. Both Ed and Day are smitten with Professor Dickinson from the opening introduction and offer a ringing endorsement: he has an “electable face.” Speaking on the importance of defending democracy and being a champion for the people, Mr. Dickinson shares his own personal story, one that began in the Pittsburgh foster care system. Now, he seeks to be a “transformational leader,” one who will not accept corporate PAC money and supports grassroot movements. Listen in for a real conversation about policy and plans and a comprehensive discussion on how Mr. Dickinson wants to make certain that no residents of the 18th District are left behind. Stay tuned until the closing minutes to hear his 30-second elevator pitch and his favorite form of potato. To learn more about Jerry Dickinson, visit his website: www.jerrydickinson.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.