Drinking Partners #245 – GK Visual | Nate Kresge

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Nate Kresge of GK Visual joins the Drinking Partners and talks about his award-winning documentary, Poured in Pennsylvania, which explores the state’s beer-centric history. The full-length film goes deeper than just breweries and beer and examines the stories and people behind the surging craft beer industry across Pennsylvania. Nearly seventy breweries are featured throughout the documentary, and, with more stories to tell, the production company is now working on a regular series. Midway through, Ed and Day lead Nate off-topic as the group talks sneakers, with some hilarious results, before discussing current trends: barrel-aged stouts, low ABV beers, and brewery-made seltzers. Listen in for a preview of what stories to expect to see during the film, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video and find out more: http://www.pouredinpa.com.

Listen, sit, and sip.