Drinking Partners #238 – JD Law

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Long-time listeners will be relieved to hear from Jennifer Dickquist, founding partner of JD Law, the official law firm of the Drinking Partners. Ms. Dickquist offers legal advice from the opening segment, sharing real tips to Ed, Day, and everyone tuning in. Curious about the oddest legal situation that the Drinking Partners have found themselves in? For Day, it was jaywalking, and for Ed, it was for waiting for a friend outside a club. Their playful admissions lead to a serious conversation about the racial inequalities prevalent throughout the judicial system. More, Attorney Dickquist offers tips on how best to navigate through to ensure the best outcome. Around the midway point, Ed and Day let the jokes loose, sharing tales of criminality in hilarious ways. For her part, Ms. Dickquist shares her own stories of some of her more memorable cases. An important, information-filled interview that shines a light on the legal system. Find Jennifer Dickquist at www.jdlawpa.com and learn more about her law practice and specialties.

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