Drinking Partners #234 – Pittsburgh Beer Ladies!

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In the newest Drinking Partners podcast, Ed and Day welcome a trio of Pittsburgh Beer Ladies – Debbie, Amy, and Danielle. With 1800 members, the group prides itself on welcoming any “beer-loving lady who wants to drink beer with other beer-loving ladies.” With a large selection of beer before them, the group samples and speaks on each sip, from a barrel-aged sour from Noble Creature to the triple-hopped Stained Glass Ceiling from Dancing Gnome. As they explore the variety of beer, listeners will enjoy a refreshing listen with new and informed voices adding a much-needed angle to the craft beer industry. Of particular note is the discussion that focuses on what breweries can do to welcome more women (hint: less pink t-shirts) and the community atmosphere central to the vibe. As they uncork Eleventh Hour’s Double Nocturnal Rainbow, a dark coffee milk stout, the Pittsburgh Beer Ladies turn the tables on the Drinking Partners and ask them their own set of questions as they look to welcome more members, especially women of color. Ed and Day both offer thorough analyses of how to bring new faces into new places, beyond Fresh Fest. Find this important conversation midway through. And of course the favorite potato question wraps up the closing minutes. Find more info about the Pittsburgh Beer Ladies on their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/groups/pghbeerladies.

Listen, sit, and sip.